Powered Subwoofer

P/N. 10424560



2400 Wpeak Class D amplifier
Universal mains for world-wide use
Remote Monitoring and Control via DASnet™
DASnet™ cardioid preset selection
DASnet™ Low Pass filter selection
Captive ultra fast rigging hardware
Compatible with AERO-20A/20.120A


House of worship
Theatres, auditoria and performing arts centers
Live music clubs
Corporate A/V
Live sound touring/Rental services



Front located connectors for power, audio and DASnetTM allow easy installation when using cardioid configurations. The compatible rigging hardware allows the AERO-20A to be flown from below.

The LX-118A makes use of the 18LXN neodymium loudspeaker equipped with a 4” voice coil. Improved voice coil materials, magnet circuit and surround design provide high power handling, low power compression and low distortion. The LX-118A offers a frequency range of 33 Hz – 120 Hz yielding a maximum peak SPL of 135 dB.

The system incorporates a 1200 Wcontinuous, universal mains, Class D switching amplifier. Remote monitoring and control is provided by way of DASnetTM, the audio management application for DAS powered cabinets and processors. A family of Low Pass filters can be selected using  DASnetTM or the controls on the amplifier´s rear panel. For each selection a cardioid preset is also available.

The enclosure is constructed using Birch plywood and makes use of extensive bracing to  eliminate resonances. The woodwork is finished with the robust DAS ISO-flex protective coating for durability. The captive rigging hardware allows the AERO-20A to be flown directly below the subwoofer unit without the need for adaptors. Front located connectors (power, audio and DASnetTM) allow easy installation when using cardioid configurations.

Frequency Range (-10 dB)33 Hz 120 Hz
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m135 dB
Electronics and Connectors
Nominal Amplifier Power (continuous)1200 W
Nominal Amplifier Power (peak)2400 W
Input TypeBalanced
Input Impeadance20 kohms
Input Sensitivity6.2 V (+18 dBu)
Audio Signal Input Connector1 x Female XLR
Audio Signal Loop Thru Connector1 x Male XLR
AC Input ConnectorpowerCON TRUE1
AC Output ConnectorpowerCON TRUE1
Operating Range90-250 VAC
Current Draw 115 V6.0 A
Current Draw 230 V3.0 A
Enclosure ConstructionBirch Plywood
Enclosure GeometryRectangular
RiggingCaptive Rigging System
FinishISO-flex Paint
Dimensions ( H x W x D )500 x 650 x 810 mm
19,7 x 25,6 x 31,9 in
Net Weight59,0 kg ( 130,1 lb )
LF Driver18LXN
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )570 x 700 x 865 mm
22,4 x 27,6 x 34,1 in
Shipping Weight62,5 kg ( 137,8 lb )
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_LX118A_01.pdf PDF 351 Kb
User Manual
UM_DASnet115_EN.pdf PDF 15.94 Mb
UM_LX118A_03_EN.pdf PDF 4.48 Mb
Configurations Guide
Modeling Data ZIP 289 Kb
SW_EASEFOCUS_3.1.9& ZIP 241.96 Mb ZIP 2.09 Mb
Line Drawing
LD_2D_LX118A.svg SVG 441 Kb
CAT_DAS_2020_FULL_LINE_7_2.pdf PDF 13.19 Mb
AX-118S20Kit to stack AERO-20A (max 4 u.) on LX-118A, black, 0.8 kg (1.8 lb)
AX-LX118S2Rigging bumper for LX-118A, compatible for AERO-20A only (max 20 u.), black, 31.0 kg (68.2 lb)
EC-090.9m CAT5e etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
EC-22m CAT5e etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
EC-2020m CAT7 etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
EC-3030m CAT7 etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
ECP-2020m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON, DASnet cable
ECP-33m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON, DASnet cable
ECP-3030m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON, DASnet cable
ECPK-11m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON TRUE 1, DASnet cable
ECPK-2020m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON TRUE 1, DASnet cable
ECPK-55m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON TRUE 1, DASnet cable
PICKUP-AX-AE20Additional pick-up bar for two lifting points for AX-AE20, black, , 11,0 kg (24.2 lb)
PL-118SWooden transport dolly for LX-118A (max 2 u.), black
PLINK1-090.9m powerCON TRUE1 cable
PWCONLINK-090.9m powerCON NAC3FCA+NAC3FCB DASnet cable
18LXNSub-low frequency 18″ speaker, 4″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 1000 W AES, 8 ohm
GM-18LXRecone kit for 18LX speaker
KIT-DSP-LX-118ASpare DSP kit for LX-118A
LITEMODClass D switching power supply PowerSoft amplifier, 2×600 W @ 4 ohm
MP-LX-118AComplete power module for LX-118A
PIN-8CLock Pin Ø:8 mm L:22 mm, black