1-way Full Range

P/N. 10434040



Passive system
Extruded aluminum enclosure
1 x 3”, 3P full-range speaker
Dispersion H x V: 120º x 120º
SPL peak: 106 dB
Multi-tap 100/70V transformer included
Low/high-impedance operation
Available in all RAL colors


A/V systems and corporate events
Meeting rooms, classrooms, and exhibit areas
Installations in bars and clubs


The Quantum Series enclosures are manufactured from extruded aluminum. This make them highly resistant in all kinds of adverse environments. An optional IP-54 kit can be provided for systems that will be installed outdoors. The Quantum mid-high cabinets are available in any RAL color.

The Q-3-T is a highly compact and discrete system ideal for short distances, for creating ambience, and for frontfill and under-balcony sound reinforcement. Like the other systems in the series, the Q-3 has two operating modes (voice and music) that guarantee outstanding speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction in any acoustic environment.

The aluminum enclosure and the IP-54 kit make this a highly reliable and durable choice, available in any RAL color.

Frequency Range (-10 dB)150 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)120º
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Transformer Taps 70 V3.5 W – 7.5 W – 10 W
Transformer Taps 100 V7.5 W – 15 W – 20 W
RMS Power Handling20 W
Peak Power Handling80 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1W/1 m87 dB SPL
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m106 dB SPL
Recommended AmplifierIA-402
Recommended ProcessorDSP-226
Audio Input Connector2-way Phoenix 2.54 mm
Enclosure ConstructionAluminum
IP RatingIP54
Depth125 mm (4,9 in)
Dimensions ( H x W x D )105 x 125 x 125 mm
4,1 x 4,9 x 4,9 in
Net Weight1,6 kg ( 3,5 lb )
MF Driver3P
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_Q3T_00.pdf PDF 253 Kb
User Manual
UM_Q_01_EN.pdf PDF 6 Mb
Information Sheet
HI_KIT_IP_Q_01.pdf PDF 279 Kb
Modeling Data ZIP 459 Kb
SW_EASEFOCUS_3.1.9& ZIP 241.96 Mb
Line Drawing
LD_2D_Q3T.dwg DWG 317 Kb
LD_2D_Q3T.svg SVG 91 Kb
LD_3D_Q3T_SKETCHUP_01.skp SKP 250 Kb
CAT_QUANTUM_01.pdf PDF 8.61 Mb


The Quantum systems are designed for fixed-venue installations and offer outstanding speech intelligibility and configurable frequency response, suitable for spaces with complex acoustic conditions and immersive experiences. Thanks to a sophisticated passive filter, the vertical dispersion of the Quantum systems can be adapted to provide high speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction.

AXC-AT2C-clamp for using mounts with lighting truss
AXC-ZT2Speaker adaptor to mount the Quantum series Q-3-T with a 3/8” pole, WLL=6kgf negro
AXW-4Wall mount bracket with vertical and horizontal angle adjustment for various models, WLL=6kgf, black
AXW-5Stainless steel all mount bracket with a fixed 15° vertical angle for various models, WLL=6kgf, black
JP-QJoining piece for stacking/array assembling Quantum series,
KIT-IP-QIP54 kit for Q-3-T, Q-23-T, Q-43-T
3PLow-mid frequency 3″ speaker, 0.75″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 20 W AES, 8 ohm
F-Q-3-TPassive crossover for Q-3-T
LAMP-F-2121 W lamp for passive crossover