P/N. 10420500



Self-powered cardioid Line array
8 channel amplifier, Class D, 6000Wrms
Controlled horizontal dispersion up to 100 Hz. 
Cardioid attenuation of -15dB (63 Hz – 200 Hz)
IP control and monitoring through ALMA™
FIR processing and digital management via DASaim™


Outdoor festivals and live concerts
Theatres, auditoria and performing arts centers
Large live music clubs
Live sound touring/Rental services

LARA® is a 4-way symmetrical, cardioid, self-amplified line array system with 6000Wrms power. LARA® has a linear performance of 146 dB SPL MAX and a wide dynamic range making it an ideal system for large events. Thanks to the cardioid design, we achieve a rear attenuation of -15 dB in the range of 63 Hz – 200 Hz.

LARA® incorporates 2 x 12″ woofers with a 4″ voice coil plus another 2 x 8″ in cardioid configuration; for the midrange, it uses another 2 x 8″ speakers with 2.5″ voice coils. The high-frequency section is made up of two DAS M-78N compression drivers, with 3″ voice coils and a 100º horizontal dispersion waveguide. All the elements have been designed and purpose-built to maximize the system’s efficiency.

The LARA® class D amplifier integrates a switching power supply with power factor correction (PFC), ensuring maximum performance and efficiency regardless of the mains voltage. Each amplifier provides 6000Wrms divided into eight channels, 3 of them in bridge mode to feed the 2 x 12″ and the two compression drivers. The remaining two channels feed the front 2 x 8″ and rear 2 x 8″ transducers.

The 3-point rigging system works for both LARA® and LARA® SUB, allowing us to hang arrays of up to 24 LARA units and 16 LARA® SUB units. The FSS TM (Fast Set Splay) angulation system allows angles to be adjusted in steps of 1º, from 0º to 7º from the stacked position, significantly reducing assembly time.

Frequency Range (-10 dB)63 Hz – 17 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)100º
Vertical CoverageSplay Dependent
Maximum Linear SPL1146 dB
Maximum SPL2150 dB
1. Measured Maximum Linear SPL at 1m according to AES75 standard using 18dB crest factor M-Noise.
2. Measured Maximum SPL at 1m using burst noise.
Electronics and Connectors
Nominal Amplifier Power (continuous)6000 W
Input TypeBalanced Analog
Input Impeadance20 kohms
Input Sensitivity6.2 V (+18 dBu)
Audio Signal Input Connector1 x Female XLR
Audio Signal Loop Thru Connector1 x Male XLR
Audio/Data Input ConnectoretherCON
Audio + Data Loop Thru ConnectoretherCON
AC Output ConnectorpowerCON TRUE1
Current Draw 230 V / 115 V7.5 A/15 A
Sampling Rate96kHz
Enclosure ConstructionBirch Plywood
Enclosure GeometryTrapezoidal 7º
RiggingCaptive Rigging System
FinishISO-flex Paint
IP RatingIP43
Dimensions ( H x W x D )355 x 1.170 x 645 mm
14,0 x 46,0 x 25,4 in
Net Weight86,0 kg ( 189,6 lb )
LF Driver12GXNC
MF Driver8MXN
LF Cardioid Driver8GXN
HF DriverM-78N
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_LARA100_00.pdf PDF 1.23 Mb
User Manual
UM_ARA_01.pdf PDF 5.22 Mb
UM_ARA_ES_01.pdf PDF 5.23 Mb
Rigging Manual
Configurations Guide
CG_LARA_208V.pdf PDF 11.48 Mb
CG_LARA_230V.pdf PDF 13.22 Mb
Software ZIP 234.36 Mb
SW_ALMA_v1.1.4_Windows.exe EXE 118.82 Mb
SW_ALMA_v1.1.4_Mac.dmg DMG 156.15 Mb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_LARA.dwg DWG 3.64 Mb
LD_3D_LARA_DASAudio.skp SKP 607 Kb
FM2034BI3485_10106001_IMD.png AX-LARARigging bumper for LARA (max 24 u.) and LARA-SUB (max 16 u.), black
FM2037BI3420_10106002_IMD.png AX-PULL-LARAPull-back hardware for the bottom box of a LARA array.
FM231BI1827_20502110_IMD.png EC-090.9m CAT5e etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
FM233BI2388_20502130_IMD.png EC-2020m CAT7 etherCON (data+audio) DASnet cable
FM813BI1829_20502180_IMD.png ECPK-2020m Hybrid CAT7 etherCON (data+audio)+powerCON TRUE 1, DASnet cable
FM2035BI3424_10106004_IMD.png FRAME-AX-LARARigging frame for the AX-LARA, black
FM2041BI3419_10103787_IMD.png FUN-4-LARAProtective transport cover for 4 u. LARA on PL-LARA, black
FM2253BI3427_10102959_IMD.png JP-LARAJoining plate for array assembling LARA/LARA-SUB, black
FM2036BI3423_10106005_IMD.png PICK-UP-AX-LARAPick-up bar for the AX-LARA, black.
FM2039BI3425_10113300_IMD.png PL-LARASteel transport dolly for LARA (max 4 u.), black
FM298BI1830_20502150_IMD.png PLINK1-090.9m powerCON TRUE1 cable
logo_das_noimage.png SPK18-20Socapex multipin power extension cord. 6 circuits, 20 m.
logo_das_noimage.png SPK18-6TRUE1Socapex multipin fan out. Socapex to 6 PowerCon True1
FM2254BI3421_10113301_IMD.png TOP-PL-LARAWooden transport support for 4 LARA on PL-LARA
FM2038BI3422_10106003_IMD.png V-AX-ARAV-shaped pivot plate for horizontal movement of the AX-LARA.
logo_das_noimage.png 12GXNCLow-mid frequency 12″ speaker, 4″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 700 W AES, 8 ohm
logo_das_noimage.png 8GXNLow-mid frequency 8″ speaker, 2.5″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 300 W AES, 8 ohm
logo_das_noimage.png 8MXNLow-mid frequency 8″ speaker, 2.5″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 300 W AES, 8 ohm
FM880BI1903_20208065_IMD.png GM-12GXRecone kit for 12GX speaker
logo_das_noimage.png GM-8MXRecone kit for 8MX speaker
FM475BI2205_20205080_IMD.png GM-M75NDiaphragm for M-75N/M-75/M-80 compression driver
logo_das_noimage.png LITEMOD4HCClass D switching power supply PowerSoft amplifier, 4 x 750 W @ 4 ohm
FM1357BI1845_20208860_IMD.png M-78NCompression driver, 3″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 1.5″ throat, 100 W AES, 8 ohm

1. LARA Tutorial – Stack four LARA over PL LARA

2. LARA Tutorial – Transport mode and installation of AX-LARA

3. LARA Tutorial – From transport mode to flying with AX-LARA

4.1. LARA Tutorial – Flying four LARA cabinets

4.2. LARA Tutorial – Adding LARA cabinets to the array

4.3. LARA Tutorial – Flying cluster of two LARA SUB

LARA Tutorial – LARA and LARA SUB stack with JP-LARA

LARA Tutorial – Installation of GS-LARA

LARA Tutorial – Installation of TOP-LARA

LARA Tutorial – Cover over AX-LARA

LARA Tutorial – Functions of the LARA cover