DAS Audio Group recognizes the importance of buying your products exclusively from AUTHORIZED DAS dealers.

The benefits are many.
When you buy from an AUTHORIZED dealership:

  • You are buying an “DAS ORIGINAL” product.
  • The product is manufactured in Spain under strict DAS quality control.
  • Your product is covered by the DAS warranty.
  • Your dealer & DAS Audio Group are committed to providing exceptional support both before and after the sale.

When you opt to buy from a NON-AUTHORIZED dealer:

  • You are at risk of purchasing counterfeit goods that are not “DAS ORIGINAL”.
  • Your cost may be similar to an original DAS product, but not the quality standards.
  • Your serial number may have been manipulated or removed making product registration impossible and invalidating the warranty.
  • DAS ORIGINAL spare parts and after-sales service may not be applicable to your product.

The risks related with buying from anyone in your country or region other than an authorized dealer are far greater than any advantage or savings you may receive at the time of sale. Avoid being a victim of a fraud.