P/N. 10404510



Molded high impact ABS enclosures
Small size and ready-to-paint exterior
Adjustable ceiling/wall mount included
Factory installed multi-tap transformers


A/V systems and corporate events
Meeting rooms, classrooms, and exhibit areas
Installations in bars and clubs

The Arco-4T incorporates a 4″ woofer with weather resistant polypropylene cone. High frequency reproduction is handled by a 19 mm neodymium dome tweeter for brilliant highs. An Overload Safety Circuit protects the speakers from damage in case of overpowering. The «T» versions include a multi tap transformer with variable settings including an 8 ohm bypass position.

IP 54 kits for outdoor use are available.
Frequency Range (-10 dB)72 Hz – 22 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)90º
Vertical Coverage90º
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Transformer Taps 70 V2.5 W-5 W-7.5 W
Transformer Taps 100 V5 W-10 W-15 W
RMS Power Handling50 W
Peak Power Handling200 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1W/1 m86 dB SPL
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m109 dB
Recommended ProcessorDSP-226
Audio Input ConnectorSpring Terminals
Audio Output ConnectorSpring Terminals
Enclosure ConstructionHigh Impact ABS
Enclosure GeometryTrapezoidal
Depth140 mm (5,5 in)
Dimensions ( H x W x D )210 x 135 x 140 mm
8,3 x 5,3 x 5,5 in
Net Weight1,6 kg ( 3,5 lb )
LF Driver4G
HF DriverTWT-4
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )325 x 330 x 170 mm
12,8 x 13,0 x 6,7 in
Shipping Weight2,2 kg ( 4,9 lb )
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Data Sheet
HT_ARCO4_00.pdf PDF 455 Kb
User Manual
UM_ARCO1_01.pdf PDF 348 Kb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_ARCO4.dwg DWG 576 Kb
LD_2D_ARCO4.png PNG 80 Kb
LD_2D_ARCO4.svg SVG 162 Kb
CAT_DAS_2020_FULL_LINE_7_2.pdf PDF 13.19 Mb
Architectural Specifications
AS_AC4_01_EN.docx DOCX 13 Kb
AXA-ACVertical/Horizontal joining plates for 2 cabinets of ARCO-4-T/ARCO-24-T, black
AXU-AC4«U» bracket, wall/ceiling/truss/TRD-2/TRD-6, for ARCO-4-T, black
KIT-IP-ARCOIP54 kit for ARCO-4-T/ARCO-24-T, black
4GLow-mid frequency 4″ speaker, 1″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 50 W AES, 8 ohm
TWT-4Spare tweeter for Arco-4