P/N. 10427252



Passive two-way system
Birch plywood enclosure
Durable ISO-flex paint 
Recommended processor: DSP-226
Recommended amplifier: PA series


Live sound reinforcement
Bands, DJ´s and performers
Speech and vocals
Music playback in entertainment
A/V, conferences and presentations

ACTION-525 is a passive system that incorporates two 15” speakers that deliver a greater SPL than the simple 15” plus enhanced bass for events that require both powerful sound and simple adjustment. 

As part of our company culture, all our systems are developed under a single philosophy: to deliver the highest possible quality in terms of both materials and overall system design. In the ACTION-500 series we use the same birch plywood as our touring systems for a tight, natural warm sound found nowhere else on the market. 

For long-term optimal performance of the ACTION-500 passive versions, the system can only be a complete sound system when rounded out with our amplifiers and processors with stored presets and limiters.
Frequency Range (-10 dB)47 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)90º
Vertical Coverage60º
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
RMS Power Handling700 W
Peak Power Handling2800 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1W/1 m99 dB SPL
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m134 dB
Recommended AmplifierPA-1500
Recommended ProcessorDSP-226
Audio Input Connector1 x speakON NL4
Audio Output Connector1 x speakON NL4
Enclosure ConstructionBirch Plywood
Enclosure GeometryTrapezoidal
RiggingM10 Rigging Points
FinishISO-flex Paint
Depth515 mm (20,3 in)
Dimensions ( H x W x D )1.090 x 445 x 515 mm
42,9 x 17,5 x 20,3 in
Net Weight38,5 kg ( 84,9 lb )
LF Driver15MI
HF DriverM-44
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )1.165 x 515 x 560 mm
45,9 x 20,3 x 22,1 in
Shipping Weight41,5 kg ( 91,5 lb )
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_ACTION525_00.pdf PDF 2.42 Mb
User Manual
UM_ACT5_01_EN.pdf PDF 5.43 Mb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_ACT525.dwg DWG 822 Kb
CAT_ACTION500_03_EN.pdf PDF 2.8 Mb
CAT_DAS_2020_FULL_LINE_7_2.pdf PDF 13.19 Mb
FM137BI1655_10101020_IMD.png ANL-2Set of 4 M10x40 forged steel eyebolts+4 carabiners, for flying
FM275BI1696_10103730_IMD.png FUN-VT215Protective transport cover for 1 u. ACTION-525/ACTION-525A, VANTEC-215/VANTEC-215A, black
logo_das_noimage.png SPK4-11m speaker cable, 4x(2.5mm2), 2x NL4
FM1237BI2382_20502001_IMD.png SPK4-1010m speaker cable, 4x(2.5mm2), 2x NL4
FM1238BI2382_20502002_IMD.png SPK4-2020m speaker cable, 4x(2.5mm2), 2x NL4
FM377BI2163_10214290_IMD.png 15MILow-mid frequency 15″ speaker, 2.5″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 300 W AES, 8 ohm
FM393BI1747_30006590_IMD.png BC-91690 x 60 horn, polyamide with fiber, 1″ throat
FM1584BI2762_30009294_IMD.png F-ACT525Passive crossover for ACTION-525
FM452BI2186_20208270_IMD.png GM-15MIRecone kit for 15MI speaker
FM472BI2202_20205070_IMD.png GM-M44Diaphragm for M-44 compression driver
FM804BI1736_10207090_IMD.png M-44Compression driver, 1.75″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 1″ throat, 60 W AES, 8 ohm