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Active Curved Source Line Array
Class D Bi-amplified 1500 Wpeak
FIR filters for linear phase response
1 x DAS 12F4C + 2 x M-60 compression drivers
Compact design with high output capabilities
DAScontrol™  with presets and configurations
DASlink™  wireless streaming and remote control
+/- 13.5º variable tilt pole mount


Concerts and corporate A/V
Portable and live clubs
Theaters and auditoriums
Houses of worship

DAScontrolDASlinkDASlink GM
The VANTEC-20A is an active curved source line array that incorporates an arsenal of hi-tech solutions designed to provide the versatility needed by today’s sound hire professionals. Whether it be stacked on the VANTEC-118A companion subwoofer, flown in a compact array, or used alone on a speaker stand, the VANTEC-20A can be used effectively in an incredible number of applications that include corporate A/V, mid-size sound reinforcement, and permanent installation.

Designed for use in arrays of up to 5 units, the VANTEC-20A is ideal for applications where the power and long-throw characteristics of large line arrays are not needed. Fast and simple deployment is guaranteed thanks to the exclusive DAS Click-Lock™ rigging hardware which allows the system to be securely flown from or stacked on the VANTEC-118A . Individual units can be mounted on tripods with precise aiming possible thanks to the variable angle pole mount which allows for 13.5º up or down tilt.

The DAScontrolTM interface allows users to easily configure the VANTEC-20A i systems for use individually or in combination with other units. Selectable high pass filter presets facilitate alignment with the VANTEC-18A and VANTEC-118A  active bass systems without external processing. Throw compensation settings and array size selection can all be handled simply via the DAScontrolTM interface. When the VANTEC-20A is used individually, the DASlink™APP can be used to stream music in high definition stereo and remotely control the systems functions.

The enclosure is manufactured using Baltic birch plywood and finished with the DAS ISO-flex coating. Power is supplied by a cutting-edge 1500 Wpeak Class D amplifier in a biamplified configuration driving a single DAS 12F4C loudspeaker and twin M-60 compression drivers.
Frequency Range (-10 dB)63 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)90º
Vertical Coverage15º
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m135 dB
Electronics and Connectors
Nominal Amplifier Power (continuous)750 W
Nominal Amplifier Power (peak)1500 W
Input Impeadance20 kohms
Input SensitivityLine: 3 V (+12 dBu)
Audio Signal Input Connector2 x Female XLR
Audio Signal Loop Thru Connector1 x Male XLR
AC Output ConnectorpowerCON NAC3FCB
Current Draw 230 V / 115 V1.5 A/3.0 A
Enclosure ConstructionBirch Plywood
Enclosure GeometryTrapezoidal
RiggingCaptive Rigging System
FinishISO-flex Paint
Dimensions ( H x W x D )335 x 625 x 440 mm
13,2 x 24,6 x 17,3 in
Net Weight28,5 kg ( 62,8 lb )
LF Driver12F4C
HF DriverM-60
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )490 x 730 x 490 mm
19,3 x 28,7 x 19,3 in
Shipping Weight30,5 kg ( 67,2 lb )
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_VANTEC20A_00.pdf PDF 747 Kb
User Manual
UM_VT3_02_EN.pdf PDF 5.39 Mb
UM_DASlinkGM_V1_EN.pdf PDF 2.9 Mb
Modeling Data ZIP 13.45 Mb ZIP 207.99 Mb
Software ZIP 24.89 Mb ZIP 11.77 Mb ZIP 48.28 Mb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_VT20A.dwg DWG 1.3 Mb
LD_2D_VT20A.png PNG 95 Kb
LD_2D_VT20A.svg SVG 357 Kb
LD_3D_VT20A_SKETCHUP_01.skp SKP 285 Kb
CAT_VANTEC_02_EN.pdf PDF 7.37 Mb
CAT_DAS_2020_FULL_LINE_7_2.pdf PDF 13.19 Mb
FM137BI1655_10101020_IMD.png ANL-2Set of 4 M10x40 forged steel eyebolts+4 carabiners, for flying
FM1324BI1864_10102852_IMD.png AX-VT20Rigging bumper for VANTEC-20A (max 5 u.), black, 6.5 kg (14.3 lb)
FM2234BI3100_10104183_IMD.png AXS-VT20Stacking bracket for VANTEC-20A (max. 3 u), 11.0 kg (24,2 lb), black.
FM1434BI1697_10103742_IMD.png FUN-3-VT20Protective transport cover for 3 u. VANTEC-20A, black
FM1392BI1882_10113260_IMD.png PL-VT20SSteel transport dolly for VANTEC-20A (max 4 u.), black
FM310BI1708_10104470_IMD.png TRD-6Ring lock pole mount 35 mm x 750 mm for use between satellite and sub system, black
FM1509BI1832_10104471_IMD.png TRD-735 mm ring lock adjustable height (1005 mm – 1485 mm) pole mount for use between satellite and sub systems, black
FM2098BI2770_10104011_IMD.png TRPD-S2-PAKSet of 2 aluminum speaker stands with transport cover for all models with 35mm pole mount socket, black.
FM1418BI1713_20208831_IMD.png 12F4CLow-mid frequency 12″ speaker, 3″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 500 W AES, 4 ohm
FM1242BI1745_20301070_IMD.png BC-915Spare horn for VANTEC-20A
FM1409BI1620_20406434_IMD.png DSP-VANTEC-20ADSP-Board für VANTEC-20A
FM439BI2175_20208470_IMD.png GM-12F4Recone kit for 12F4 speaker
FM474BI2204_20205090_IMD.png GM-M60NHigh Tech Polymer Diaphragm for M-60N/M-60 compression driver
FM1350BI1737_20208790_IMD.png M-60Compression driver, 1.75″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 1″ throat, 75 W AES, 8 ohm
FM935BI1643_30007048_IMD.png MP-VANTEC-20AComplete power module for VANTEC-20A
FM1200BI1648_30002878_IMD.png PIN-6Lock Pin Ø:6 mm L:23 mm, black
FM554BI1795_30006153_IMD.png S-PRO2Class D switching power supply Pascal amplifier, 2×500 W @ 4 ohm