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Compact cardioid powered subwoofer18” 18UXN front neodymium transducer with 4” VC 15” 15FWN rear neodymium transducer with 3” VC
4-channel, 3000 Wrms Class D amplifier
SARA rigging bumper-compatible flying hardware


Outdoor festivals and live concerts
Theatres, auditoria and performing arts centres
Medium size live events
Rental services
Worship centres

SARA-SUB is a high-fidelity subwoofer that offers an accurate and powerful bass response thanks to its cardioid design. The system incorporates a DAS 18UXN neodymium loudspeaker with a 4″ voice coil for excellent low-frequency reproduction. In addition, a rear 15FWN neodymium 3″ voice coil speaker creates the necessary cardioid dispersion pattern to compensate for unwanted energy in the rear.

The SARA-SUB’s built-in class D amplifier has 4 channels in bridge mode for each of the speakers. The switch-mode power supply has a correction factor, allowing for greater efficiency and reliability under all operating conditions. The built-in DSP optimizes the signal parameters for the loudspeakers and allows for 14 dB of rear power compensation in the 40 Hz – 80 Hz range.

The enclosure design meets the strict DAS standards for the use of high-quality materials, such as birch plywood and ISO-flex™ exterior protection. In addition, the rigging system allows the SARA to be flown underneath the SARA-SUB, using the JP-SARA. The metal grids incorporate acoustically transparent, moisture-repellent fabric. Recessed handles on the sides of the enclosure facilitate transport and handling.

Frequency Range (-10 dB)35 Hz – 125 Hz
Maximum Linear SPL1134 dB
Maximum SPL2138 dB
1. Measured Maximum Linear SPL at 1m according to AES75 standard using 18dB crest factor M-Noise.
2. Measured Maximum SPL at 1m using burst noise.
Electronics and Connectors
Nominal Amplifier Power (continuous)3000 W
Nominal Amplifier Power (peak)6000 W
Input TypeBalanced Analog
Input Impeadance20 kohms
Input Sensitivity6.2 V (+18 dBu)
Audio Signal Input Connector1 x Female XLR
Audio Signal Loop Thru Connector1 x Male XLR
Audio/Data Input ConnectoretherCON
Audio + Data Loop Thru ConnectoretherCON
AC Output ConnectorpowerCON TRUE1
Current Draw 230 V / 115 V4 A / 8 A
Sampling Rate96kHz
Enclosure ConstructionBirch Plywood
Enclosure GeometryRectangular
RiggingCaptive Rigging System
FinishISO-flex Paint
IP RatingIP43
Dimensions ( H x W x D )590 x 660 x 790 mm
23,5 x 26,0 x 31,2 in
Net Weight67,0 kg ( 148,0 lb )
LF Driver18UXN
LF Cardioid Driver15FWN
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_SARASUB_00.pdf PDF 840 Kb
User Manual
UM_ARA_01.pdf PDF 5.22 Mb
Rigging Manual
Configurations Guide
CG_SARA_208V.pdf PDF 16.47 Mb
CG_SARA_230V.pdf PDF 19.66 Mb
Software ZIP 243.79 Mb
ALMA_SETUP_1.2.5.exe EXE 122.4 Mb
ALMA-1.2.5.dmg DMG 159.78 Mb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_SARA-SUB.dwg DWG 1.01 Mb
LD_3D_SARA-SUB_DASAudio.skp SKP 277 Kb
FM2271BI3450_10106101_IMD.png AX-SARARigging bumper for SARA (max 24 u.) and SARA-SUB (max 16 u.), black
FM2352BI3568_10106108_IMD.png AXS-SARAStacking bracket for SARA (max 4 u. when stacked on any sub), black.
FM2280BI1911_10103789_2_clone_IMD.png FUN-2-SARA-SUBProtective transport cover for 2 u. SARA-SUB on PL-SARA-SUB, black
FM2278BI3486_10102958_IMD.png JP-SARAJoining plate for array assembling SARA/SARA-SUB, black
FM2275BI3448_10113340_IMD.png PL-SARA-SUBWood transport dolly for SARA-SUB (max 3 u.), black
FM2267BI2867_20208986_2_clone_IMD.png 15FWNLow frequency 15″ speaker, 3″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 600 W AES, 8 ohm
FM1363BI1725_20208920_IMD.png 18UXNSub-low frequency 18″ speaker, 4″ VCD, neodymium magnet, 1100 W AES, 8 ohm
FM460BI1905_20208530_IMD.png GM-18UXNRecone kit for 18UXN speaker