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Here you can find technical articles that will help you prepare for the different courses or review concepts and best practices of acoustic simulation systems and programs.

Several cardioid subwoofer configurations exist, but the method to be followed, as described here, is always the same. This article does not intend to assess the various configurations, but only to show the basic procedures and ease the learning process. The user should choose the most appropriate configuration for the specific application needs.

Author: Joan La Roda, DAS Audio, Engineering Department

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FFT based field measurement systems have made it possible for us to do phase alignment at fixed installations as well as at live events, where every venue demands a different approach. This is particularly important these days, since mid-high boxes are often flown and subwoofers remain on the ground, meaning that phase differences at the listener location can be very significant. Given the interest in the subject, and the remarkable improvement it can bring to a system, it seems like a good idea to write an article that describes the measurement process step by step. Before doing that, however, let’s go over the concept of phase.

Author: Joan La Roda, DAS Audio, Engineering Department
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Line arrays have been specially designed so when several units are combined vertically the whole system behaves as one single sound source. Generally speaking that’s what makes them different from the conventional speaker systems. But how do they work? This article develops the principles behind the line array theory for a complete understanding of what line arrays are.

Author: Joan La Roda, DAS Audio, Engineering Department
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DASaim™ is based on FiRmaker technology by AFMG. It is already integrated within the V3.52 GLL library of the AERO-40A, AERO-20A and AERO-20A-120 systems used in EASE Focus V3 – the acoustic simulation and modelling tool used by DAS AUDIO.

In order to achieve the desired results, DASaim™ designs custom FIR filters for each cabinet in an array, which allows unprecedented control of the overall behavior of the array.

Author: DAS Audio Engineering Department

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An advantageous approach to DSP equalization of loudspeakers is proposed in this paper adopting spatial averages of complex responses acquired from 3D balloon measurements. Alignment of the off-axis impulses responses with the on-axis impulse responses are accomplished using a cross-correlation technique prior to spatial averaging to attain meaningful statistics of magnitude and phase responses.

Author: Victor Catalá, Engineering Department

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