This is a one-stop resource for videos that can help you get ready for our range of courses and review concepts and use of D.A.S. Audio acoustic simulation systems and programs.

Making Of Arenal Sound 1

Making Of Arenal Sound 1

The first of a 4 part video about the sound project for the Arenal Sound Festival.

AX Rigging System

How to use the new AX rigging system for rapid and safe deployment of Aero Series 2 arrays.

LX Subwoofer Setup

How to setup the LX Subwoofers using the unique “Cardiod Preset” switch.

Ease Focus 2

An overview on the use of the Ease Focus V.2 3D acoustic modeling software for line arrays designed by the company AFMG.

Introducing DASnet

The first of three videos about DASnet, the remote monitoring and control software from DAS Audio.

Working with DASnet

The second delivery of the three part video concerning DASnet. In this video we start working with the DASnet software.

Tutorial Vantec Active

Find out everything you need to know to properly set-up your Vantec Active systems.

DAS Event Line Array Rigging Tutorial in English

How to correctly fly the Event line array series of systems.