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4 CH Matrix amplifier with high-performance integrated DSP
400 W per channel @ 4 ohms
High Efficiency Class D topology
Low Z and High Z (Bridged 70 V/100 V) operation
4 independent analog inputs
2 inputs with selectable MIC/Line option and phantom
4 x 4 CH DANTE Digital Audio
ALMA management control and monitoring


Retail Stores
Bars, clubs and restaurants
Fitness Centers, hotels, schools

INTEGRAL-MA1604 is a 4CH (4x400W at 4ohm), 2U rack matrix-amplifier intended for permanent installation with integrated processing DSP (4 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs) and DANTE (4×4) digital Audio. Control, configuration and management of the amplifier shall be done via ALMA software over IP or using Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. DANTE audio channels can be processed and injected back into the network if needed. The amplifier can be used with Lo Impedance lines or Hi Impedance 100V/70V lines.

Priority capabilities, full matrix and routing options make this unit essential as the ”brain” of any type of installation. The internal memory resources allow to store more than 100 “global presets” and more than 200 “output channel presets” (speaker presets). A bank of output channel presets with specific processing parameters for all DAS Audio speakers is included allowing the users to configure each channel independently. For instance, it would be possible to recall for amp 1 the preset of Q-23T, for amp 2 the preset of Arco-4T, for amp 3 the preset of Q-10 etc.

The unit includes an OLED display (1.54”) with control knobs for intuitive and easy navigation as well meters to monitor signal levels. Basic parameters can be accessible via front panel control knobs; input and output levels, global preset recall, output channel preset recall, mute, source selection, link manager functions, priority enabling etc.

Two of the analogue inputs can be switched to microphone with 12V Phantom power if needed.

The unit also Integrates an Ethernet Switch for daisy-chain connections. No external switch is needed.

WiFi and Bluetooth are available for direct wireless operation.
Output Power Ratings
Amplifier Channels4
Power 8 Ohms, Both Channels Driven4 x 200 W
Power 8 Ohms Bridged2 x 800 W
Power 4 Ohms, Both Channels Driven4 x 400 W
Power 100 V2 x 800 W
Power 70 V2 x 800 W
Electronics and Audio
Amplifier Output CircuitryClass D
Frequency Response20 Hz-30 kHz (+0 – 0.5 dB)
Input Sensitivity+20 dBu
Max Input Level+22 dBu
Voltage gain17.5 dB
ControlsPower On/Off, Navigation knobs
DisplayOLED 1.54″
Amplifier ProtectionsShort Circuit, DC Ouput, Temperature, Over/Under Voltage
LED IndicatorsOn, Comms, Signal, Protect
Sampling Rate48kHz
Analog Audio Input Connectors2 x 3.5 mm Pitch Terminal Block
Analog Audio Output Connectors2 x 3.5 mm Pitch Terminal Block
DANTE Digital In/Out Connectors2 x RJ45 Fast Ethernet
Speaker Output ConnectorTerminal Block
AC Input ConnectorIEC
Power SupplyUniversal Mains Switch Mode
Operating Range90-250 VAC
Current Draw 230 V / 115 V3.0 A / 6.0 A
Analog Input Channels4
Analog Output Channels8
DANTE Input Channels4
DANTE Output Channels4
AD Converters24 Bit @ 48 kHz 118dBA Dynamic Range
DA Converters24 Bit @ 48 kHz 118dBA Dynamic Range
Internal Precision32 Bit, 64 Bits Double Precission
Delay50ms per input / 135ms per output
CrossoverLinkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, Bessel
High and Low Pass Filtersup to 48dB/oct
LimitersRMS, Peak
Load MonitoringYes
Dimensions ( H x W x D )88 x 483 x 208 mm
3,5 x 19,0 x 8,2 in
Net Weight3,8 kg ( 8,2 lb )
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )170 x 525 x 315 mm
6,7 x 20,7 x 12,4 in
Shipping Weight4,5 kg ( 9,9 lb )
Title Format Size
Data Sheet
HT_INTEGRALMA1604_00.pdf PDF 316 Kb
User Manual
UM_INT_MA_EN.pdf PDF 5.37 Mb
Integral_series_-_Gain_Structure_and_Limiters.pdf PDF 3.63 Mb
FactoryPresets_1.0.lib LIB 122 Kb
ALMA_Setup_1.3.4.exe EXE 127.16 Mb
ALMA-1.3.4.dmg DMG 165.14 Mb ZIP 48.28 Mb
Line Drawing
CAD_2D_IG-MA1604.dwg DWG 1.86 Mb
logo_das_noimage.png L-A2Class D Pascal amplifier, 2 x 800 W @ 4 ohm
FM2159BI1795_30006153_clone_IMD.png L-PRO2Class D switching power supply Pascal amplifier, 2 x 800 W @ 4 ohm