2-way Passive Co-axial

P/N. 10404796



Unique and versatile loudspeaker system
Wide variety of indoors and outdoors applications 
Rich music reproduction
12” coaxial speaker with 1” compression driver
Lightweight polypropylene enclosure
IP54 all weather version


Professional Installation Systems
Houses of Worship
Hotel Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms


The Ovi-12-W-IP54 is a unique and versatile loudspeaker system with an IP54 rating. The Ovi-12-W-IP54, can be mounted on walls, placed in ceiling structures, or suspended as a pendant speaker. All with the clarity and power of a true two-way loudspeaker system.

The Ovi-12 is a unique and versatile loudspeaker system. The Ovi-12, can be mounted on walls, placed in ceiling structures, or suspended as a pendant speaker. All with the clarity and power of a true two way loudspeaker system.

Comprising a 12” coaxial loudspeaker housed within a light weight polypropylene shell, the Ovi-12 can be used to deliver excellent speech intelligibility and full, rich music reproduction in spaces such as restaurants, night clubs, retail spaces, houses of worship, and convention facilities. A wide variety of accessories are available to facilitate installation.

IP54 all weather version.
Frequency Range (-10 dB)63 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)90º
Vertical Coverage90º
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
RMS Power Handling300 W
Peak Power Handling1200 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1W/1 m96 dB SPL
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m130 dB
Recommended AmplifierIA-1002
Recommended ProcessorDSP-226
Audio Input ConnectorSpring Terminals
Audio Output ConnectorSpring Terminals
Enclosure ConstructionPolypropylene
Enclosure GeometryRound
IP RatingIP54
Depth290 mm (11,4 in)
Dimensions ( H x W x D )500 x 505 x 290 mm
19,7 x 19,9 x 11,4 in
Net Weight10,5 kg ( 23,2 lb )
LF Driver12MX
HF DriverM-34
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D )339 x 563 x 563 mm
13,4 x 22,2 x 22,2 in
Shipping Weight12,5 kg ( 27,6 lb )
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Data Sheet
HT_OVI12WIP54_00.pdf PDF 289 Kb
User Manual
UM_OVI12_02.pdf PDF 6.91 Mb
Modeling Data ZIP 46 Kb
SW_EASEFOCUS_3.1.9& ZIP 241.96 Mb
Line Drawing
LD_2D_OVI12.svg SVG 71 Kb
CAT_DAS_2020_FULL_LINE_7_2.pdf PDF 13.19 Mb
AXC-OVI12-120WCeiling tile panel adapter (Metric – 600x1200mm) for OVI-12-W, white
AXC-OVI12-60WCeiling tile panel adapter (Metric – 600x600mm) for OVI-12-W, white
AXW-OVI12-WWall mount bracket for OVI-12-W, white
AXW-OVI12-W-IPStainless steel wall mount bracket for OVI-12, white
12MXLow-mid-High frequency 12″ coaxial speaker, 2.5″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 300 W AES, 8 ohm
F-OVI12Passive crossover for OVI-12
GM-12MIRecone kit for 12MI speaker
GM-M34Diaphragm for M-34 compression driver
M-34Compression driver, 1.4″ VCD, ferrite magnet, 1″ throat, 50 W AES, 8 ohm