DASlink GM

P/N. 01060020



Group up to 16 systems by area or model
Monitor system performance
Manage the parameters of each group or individual systems.
Equalize systems wirelessly, immediately and simultaneously
Supported series: Altea 700 / Vantec


Concerts and corporate A/V
Portable and live clubs
Theaters and auditoriums
Houses of worship

DASlink Group Manager is an application for mobile devices that makes configuring, managing and monitoring self-powered systems from the Altea 700 and Vantec series possible.


With DASlink GM, up to 16 systems of the same model can be grouped together and organized by area or needs and preset either individually or as a group. The application is divided into 2 sections: “Control panel” and “View panel”.


The Control panel section is used to simultaneously manage all the systems included in each group and can modify the gain, select presets, perform a customized 3-band equalization, select the number of units and even select the HPF when using subwoofers. 


The View panel provides individual access to each of the systems in the group in order to modify the gain and select between three types of throw: short, medium and long. The order of the systems can also be changed from this tab, a feature that becomes particularly relevant when working with line array configurations.


The system can be monitored by going to the View tab and selecting any of the systems to see the VU meters of each system in real time. The “Limit” feature can also be activated for the different groups using the app; if any system reaches its limit, the logo of each cabinet will flash.


DASlink GM enhances sound system performance and ensures they are handled correctly. It identifies each system by lighting up the cabinet’s logo and can be used to wirelessly, immediately and simultaneously equalize the space from the audience area.
System Requirements
MACRequires MacOS 11.0 or later and Mac with M1 chip
Android6.8 MB – 5.0 version or later
IOS21MB – Requires MacOS 10.0 or later
Title Format Size
User Manual
UM_DASlinkGM_V1_EN.pdf PDF 2.9 Mb
Software ZIP 11.77 Mb

DASlink GM By DAS Audio

DASlink™ GM Wireless DAScontrol™ of Groups