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Controlled SPL level at a distance
Frequency response uniformity for the entire audience
Digital steering of the array’s vertical radiation pattern
Reduce the SPL in desired areas
Make your array more flexible without the extra cost
One FIR per cabinet means maximum space resolution and control up to higher frequencies


House of worship
Theatres, auditoria and performing arts centers
Live music clubs
Corporate A/V
Live sound touring/Rental services

DASaim, a FIRmaker technology for advanced line array systems, is a high-tech solution that designs customed FIR filters for each cabinet in an array.


With DASaim, the magnitude and phase response of every frequency of each cabinet can be individually adjusted. The performance of your arrays can easily be upgraded to a new level, providing a more adaptive and flexible audio solution for your live events and installations.


DASaim makes the future of audio available today. Thanks to the powerful DSP units employed, no external multi-channel processors or processed amplifiers are needed. This key advantage of the DAS Audio systems over others equates to a very significant reduction in cabling costs and set-up time. This delivers a host of new features to arrays for enhanced flexibility and versatility. Once the array has been installed with DASaim, the vertical dispersion pattern of the array can be adapted to your needs without physically having to change the array’s height or splay angles. Here is an example of the typical behavior of a line array system. After setting the height and splay angles of the cabinets, variations in the SPL with distance and differences in tonal balance from front to rear are perceivable.


Optimizing the system’s performance is a now a simple process. The acoustic predictions and FIR filter designs are ready to be performed after introducing precise venue information into EASE focus, providing a fast and easy way to compare the results of different filter sets.


Finally, simply export the FIR filters from EASE focus to ALMA/DASnet to send them directly to the cabinets in just a few clicks. With DASaim, the systems can be configured to match the desired performance objectives, and being able to adapt the vertical dispersion pattern of the array makes it possible to control the decrease in SPL level at a distance. Uniform frequency response from front to back can also be achieved. We can lower the SPL created by the array if there is no audience there.
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PCEASE focus 3 Software Requirements
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Anima-te Festival in Vila Nova de Famalicão

This year’s edition of the Anima-te (Cheer up) festival returns with the exceptional sound of DAS Audio’s Aero, UX, Event, Vantec and Action systems. Up to 882 people per day will gather between June and August in Vila Nova de Famalicão to enjoy in the open air more than 80 music, cinema and circus acts complying with all the security measures.. For this event, the 14,400 square meter site has been divided into 4×2 meter areas, spaced 2 meters apart.




Arenal Sound 2019 celebrates 10th anniversary

Arenal Sound celebrates its 10th anniversary with DAS Audio systems. Since its inception in 2010, DAS Audio has been delivering quality sound in all the editions of the festival. Every year, Arenal Sound surpasses all expectations, smashing attendance records with an unbeatable package of music and party by the beach. Since the beginning, the festival has always performed exceptionally well.




Kala Festival Albania

The Aero and Vantec Series land on the beach at Kala Festival in Albania. Kala joins Europe´s circuit of summer festivals with a winning formula: a solid lineup of DJs, breathtaking locations, friendly atmosphere and great sound thanks to DAS Audio’s Aero and Vantec systems.




Paellas Festival Live 2019

DASaim™ optimizes the sound system at the international university festival of Alicante. DASaim, the high-tech digital steering technology for Aero-40A and Aero-20A, optimized the sound system of the event achieving the desired sound quality all over the audience areas throughout the large festival site, which gathered 30,000 people in its latest edition.




Zhengzhou Art Palace China

The Zhengzhou Art Palace revamps its sound equipment with AERO-20A systems from DAS Audio as the main PA. The Art Palace recently underwent a major renovation to convert the venue into a versatile, multipurpose theater with a stage lift, a project that included a revamp of the Art Palace’s audio system




Crida Fallas 2018

DAS Audio sound solutions and DASaim™ digital steering enhance the listening experience at the Crida, the official start to Valencia’s Fallas Festival. Audioprobe, an AV rental and installation and event production house with offices in Paterna, Valencia, was contracted to coordinate the sound solution for this year’s Crida.