The Music Republic and the new normal

The Music Republic, one of the leading music companies on the Spanish music scene, manages a full range of events, from major festivals like Arenal Sound, Viña Rock and Madrid Salvaje to the most successful national and international tours. This company, run by people who “love music”, has decided to adapt to “keep the music playing” as they face the “new normal”.




New Dealer for DAS Audio in China

DAS Audio has appointed Guangzhou Dasi Audio Equipment as its exclusive dealer for the entertainment market in China, handling the club, bar and KTV sector. The newly established company is headed by general manager and technical director Zhou Zechu and his team members, many of whom have 20 years of experience in pro audio.




Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

Procom, DAS Audio’s distributor in Dubai, was brought in to install the club’s outdoor sound system. DOSC has become one of the best sailing clubs in the Persian Gulf, not only for its outstanding location but also for the host of events it holds throughout the year, from concerts and DJ sessions to a range of corporate events.




Regional Philharmonic Kharkov Ukraine

Founded in October 1929, the Kharkov Philharmonic Society is a philharmonic association in Kharkov, Ukraine, one of the oldest and most recognized organizations in the country. The philharmonic recently revamped the sound systems in its “Organ Hall” and “Concert Hall”. Indigo Music, official distributor of DAS Audio in Ukraine, was called in to handle the installation.




Oligark Istanbul

Melomani was at the helm of the spectacular installation at Oligark Istanbul, a massive complex that offers 5 restaurants, 2 bars and a spectacular night club. As one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Istanbul, the Bosporus is home to an extensive range of restaurants and entertainment venues. And one of the most exclusive spots in the city is the spectacular Oligark Istanbul.




DAS Audio with the training at the UPV

DAS Audio Group participated in an October training session at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The session, given by German Ramos, was designed to reinforce skills and know-how when working with EASE Focus (acoustic prediction software). Participants then had the opportunity to observe a real case example with the help of DAS Audio systems engineer Vicent Olucha.




DAS Audio participates in the AES SHOW FALL 2020

DAS Audio Group participated in the AES SHOW FALL 2020 “Audio Engineering Society’s 149th Convention” in October, a leading event in the audio world that promotes advances in audio science and technology, with our systems engineer Victor Catalá, who presented his “Crossover design based on median level and phase correction within a listening window” as part of the event’s technical program.




Prebrezhniy Skver Park Ukraine

The city opened its Prebrezhniy Skver Park in September 2019 and chose DAS Audio to supply the sound systems for this new green area with large spaces almost completely exposed to the weather. Located on the Dnieper River in central-eastern Ukraine and with a population of almost a million, Dnipro is a dynamic and lively city, home to endless parks and green areas lining the river. It is also one of the country’s major hubs for high tech, education, machine building, metallurgy, and trade.




Karaoke-Coffee D&K Vietnam

The DAS Artec 300 systems deliver sound to the venue’s main rooms. Three-hundred kilometres south of the capital of Vietnam is the city of Bac Lieu. Located in the Mekong Delta region, the city has ample entertainment options for both day and night, Including D&K Karaoke-Coffee, one of the largest venues in the southern part of the country.




Said-Galiev Auditorium Kazan

DAS Audio systems were elected for their clarity, reliability and ease of use to upgrade the sound system at the Said-Galiev Cultural Center in the residential district of Derbyshki in Kazan, Russia. The Said-Galiev Cultural Center, built in 1959, completed the remodeling of its facilities in June 2020. The objective was to preserve the building’s Stalinist heritage and to provide its halls with a state-of-the-art sound system that would help attract a younger audience and enhance performances.




Taylor Church Florida

Taylor Church offers a series of innovative ministries designed to help everyone gain a meaningful worship experience. Recognizing the value of a well-designed sound reinforcement system, church management recently elected to upgrade their sanctuary with a new system that draws from the DAS Audio Event Series. BDH Technical Systems of St. Augustine, FL, a full service audio – video design / build firm, was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new sound system.




Interview with Juan López, FOH engineer for Melendi

Juan López, Melendi FOH engineer, reveals the technical details behind Melendi´s «El Cubo de Rubik» tour with Aero-40, Aero-20 systems and UX series. Like many tours around the world, Melendi’s “El Cubo de Rubik” has come to an unexpected halt. The dates scheduled for this summer, both international and nation-wide events, have been cancelled until further notice and the technical crew is waiting for activity to resume.