We help you get the best possible financial flexibility.

DAS Audio is a b2b company and therefore the cost, reliability and quality of our products are key to our clients’ business, we constantly work to make our products the perfect working tools.

As in any business, we know that when our clients buy one of our sound systems, they do so as an investment and our mission is none other than to ensure that our clients generate returns in the most efficient way possible.

Our sales network must ensure that our products reach the market in the conditions that our users deserve, for this, once the configuration of your system is defined, we would need you to inform us of your needs and thus be able to help you achieve the best possible financial flexibility, in addition to ensuring that you receive the warranty extension (5 years) and the necessary training to get the most out of our systems.

  • A music/pro-audio store
  • A sound rental company
  • A systems integrator/engineering firm
  • An end-user
  • Others
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