03/03/2017 Live

Sound Force Launch Madrid

DAS Audio presents its Sound Force systems in Madrid.

DAS Audio recently took the audio world by storm with the launch of its new Sound Force systems at a spectacular event held in Madrid. Around 200 professionals from all corners of Spain and countries like France, the United Kingdom, Morocco and Italy made the trip to Arganda del Rey to attend the event, which was celebrated at the magnificent Plató Louladi set at the Fluge Audiovisuales facilities.

The event was hosted by renowned DJ and radio announcer DJ Neil, along with special guest Daniel Neumann, the prestigious sound artist and audio engineer who works with the world-famous DJ David Guetta. Neumann, NYC-based but born in Germany, studied music at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig as well as electronic music composition in Italy and is a pioneer in exploring conceptual and often collaborative strategies to modulate the environment with sound.

Neumann shared a stage with DAS Audio Head Engineer Javier Navarro and Live Events Engineer Joel Damiano. Neumann and Damiano discussed the main features of PA systems at large-scale, high-level events like major festivals and concerts, while Javier Navarro focused on the features of DAS Audio’s new line-up of Sound Force products, underscoring the unparalleled performance of these “systems designed for state-of-the-art clubs”.

The talks were followed by a spectacular promotional video and the highlight of the show: four impressive Sound Force systems set up in the four corners of the set were unveiled for a hard-hitting demo of their impressive power set to the audio of the video. The audience was treated to a surprising display of the earth-moving capacity and response of the systems as a whole and particularly the 30” powered subwoofer, with one word to describe the performance: brutal.

The demo was immediately followed by a DJ session by the charismatic and energetic DJ Nano. The 30-minute-plus electronic music set showcased the SF systems in their element, a mega club at full capacity, an outstanding way to feature both the unmistakable sound of DJ Nano and the singular performance of DAS Audio’s SF systems.

The day was topped off with a premium selection of catered food, where participants were able to mingle and comment on the systems and their exceptional features: power, quality and clarity. Check out our Sound Force promotional video and a video about the event at the following links:

Sound Force Promotional Video

Sound Force Launch Event Video