05/09/2019 Installations

La Estación American Brasserie

The Quantum Series, with a sleek, low-profile design and outstanding intelligibility, was the ideal choice for the new restaurant

La Estacion American Brasserie is a 240-seat, 10,000-square-foot restaurant and bar with four private event spaces and a large open kitchen. La Estacion is rapidly becoming the new go-to restaurant for Brightline’s guests (soon-to-be Virgin Trains USA), neighboring residents, and the professionals who work at Miami Central and the surrounding area. To ensure the finest background music, the restaurant’s management elected to deploy DAS Audio´s new Quantum Series loudspeakers.

Sound Investment Audio, a privately held consulting and AV systems design firm with offices in Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, was contracted to handle the installation of the new sound system at La Estacion. David Asimos, Project Manager with the company, oversaw La Estacion’s sales, design, and build phases.

“La Estacion is one of Miami’s new hotspots for dining,” Asimos reports. “To ensure the best possible background music, we elected to install thirty DAS Quantum Q-23-T full range loudspeakers and eight Q-10 subwoofers. These loudspeakers are specifically designed for fixed-venue installations. They provide outstanding speech intelligibility and configurable response, making the Quantum Series ideal for spaces with complex acoustic conditions and immersive experiences.”

Asimos reports that La Estacion has multiple areas designed to accommodate a variety of activities. As such, the new sound system was specifically designed to accommodate individual control within these areas. “We needed a solution where the size—or low-profile design of the loudspeakers—was important, without compromising sound quality and intelligibility. For this application, DAS Audio’s Quantum Series was the perfect choice.”

For many installation projects, the ability to receive accurate information in timely fashion is key to keeping a project on track. In this regard, Asimos rates DAS Audio very favorably. “DAS Audio’s customer and technical support services are fantastic,” he said. “I was very impressed with the company’s responsiveness and the fact that the information they provided resulted in the best solutions for this job.”

The sound system installation at La Estacion was initiated in May 2019 and the system was placed into service immediately. With the new system fully operational, Asimos reports: “With the installation up and running, I am pleased to report our client is extremely happy with its performance. The sound is clear, very musical, and the flexibility to control the various zones is working extremely well for the wide range of activities that take place at La Estacion. The bottom line is that this has been a win-win for everyone involved.”

To learn more about the services of Sound Investment Audio, visit the company’s website at www.soundinvestmentav.com.