10/01/2020 News



Bringing ‘sound’ back to the forefront of the nightclub sensory experience.

E11EVEN Group and DAS Audio announce a partnership to launch a new brand of sound systems called E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio. The Miami-based corporation and the leading Spanish sound manufacturer reach a strategic agreement to offer clubs around the world a new way of understanding sound and entertainment. E11EVEN Miami was ranked in the World’s Top-10 Clubs by International Nightlife Association for 2019.

The two companies bring different approaches to an industry in which service is as important as the product. In recent years, the club scene has evolved generating new needs for club owners and technicians. Hence, pre-sales, training and tech-support are the foundation of E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio’s business vision.

This new brand is created to bring sound back to the forefront of the nightclub sensory experience. “A considerable advance has been made in the use of video and lighting to generate special effects in clubs, but there is still a lot of work to do on the non-visual elements. Our intention is to elevate the audience’s experience to a sensory feast full of surprises and create memorable experiences” – Gino LoPinto, Operating Partner at E11EVEN.

The E11VEN Sound by DAS Audio systems are designed to cover all the needs of nightclub installations. These sophisticated and powerful systems offer clarity and quality sound which are bound to impress the public. Many clubs host a variety of events these days, such as dining rooms, dance floors, VIP lounges, rooftop bars and so on; consequently, every space must use the right system and distribution, guaranteeing that the audience´s acoustic experience is exactly as it should be and is always… incredibly enjoyable!

The new E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio series launches with 9 different models that range from a compact full range dual 6” speaker to a dual 21” subwoofer, and multiple models in between. From large to medium dance stacks ideal for larger venues to smaller fills and compact subwoofers, the series has an option for every type of venue.  Other models will soon be added to the series including weatherized options and even more choices for fills. Accompanying the new series is the brand-new IO-48, a 4-in 8-out DSP capable of 96 kHz, with connection via Ethernet, WiFi or USB using an intuitive yet flexible 11-Net software on PC and MAC OS platforms.

“Knowing the systems and how to use them directly affects the time the public spends in each space, the consumption they make and their positioning in the different rooms. For this reason, all the companies deploying our systems will need to get approval in advance. The correct design and execution of the installations are key to the success of this new series.” John Fiorito, Sales Manager Installation & Nightclubs.

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