26/07/2019 News

AES Dublín 2019

This year´s convention featured a presentation from a member of  DAS Audio. Víctor Catalá presented his research paper at AES Dublin 2019, a reference event in the field of audio engineering, theory and practice.

The 146th International Professional Audio Convention in Dublin organized by AES, the Audio Engineering Society, held four days of events offering a variety of topics related to audio and bringing together leading people and ideas with the mission to promote science, education and practice in the professional audio world. Víctor Catalá, with the support of the DAS Audio family, presented his research paper “DSP Loudspeaker 3D Complex Correction”. The article is the result of the technical and scientific expertise of the author and DAS Audio´s commitment to research and innovation. Catalá´s research describes the procedure that DAS Audio has developed to process the loudspeaker systems based on 3D measurements within a pre-defined listening window.

The research paper deals with the acquisition of 3D radiation balloons using an in-house designed robot which allows to attain meaningful statistics of magnitude and phase responses. This data is processed to obtain a significant average impulse response within the pre-defined listening window. The average impulse response enables the calculation of optimized FIR filters to equalize the system avoiding on-axis irregularities that if corrected, could worsen the overall sound quality.  This way, optimal correction is achieved for the entire coverage of the loudspeaker system.

In order to publish his research at the Audio Engineering Society, Catalá had to overcome a series of very demanding filters set by the organization. The AES Journal is always looking for unpublished original research papers and quality engineering reports on audio domain issues and all presentations go through a very strict peer review process to check their suitability.

The article “DSP Loudspeaker 3D Complex Correction” is available at: http://d.dasaudio.com/CPr2m