DAS Audio is a company engaged in the design, manufacture, storage, and sale of sound equipment and systems. We have adopted this Quality Policy as the means of implementing and developing our ISO-9001 Quality Management System.

Our Quality Management System covers every company department, with particular focus on the quality control of goods and services and the overall manufacturing process.

At DAS Audio we are committed to complying with the requirements specified by stakeholders: both legal and regulatory requirements, as well as our own and those of our customers, continually striving for 100% customer satisfaction and committing ourselves to the ongoing improvement of our services and the quality of our products.

Moreover, this document provides a framework for establishing and reviewing the company’s quality objectives and goals, with the aim of achieving the following overall objectives:

  • We will strive to ensure that the quality of our service satisfies all stakeholders, responding to their needs and listening carefully to their complaints, claims and suggestions.
  • We will increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders (needs and expectations) through the effective application of the Quality Management System, reducing the number of incidents that may affect the company’s business.
  • We will continuously improve the Quality Management System and its processes.
  • We will provide the necessary resources to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • We will improve relationships and communications with stakeholders to gradually reduce delivery issues and non-conformities related to these suppliers.

We are committed to providing all the resources required to achieve these objectives and goals.

At DAS Audio we will continue to:

  • Improve the coordination and sharing of information between the company’s different departments.
  • Support staff training.
  • Ensure that we provide a high level of quality, as well as reliable work.

The ultimate aim is to improve the products and services we offer stakeholders while boosting the company’s competitive market advantage and consolidating the DAS Quality Guarantee.

In short, the management team at DAS Audio seeks continuous improvement through the establishment of quality objectives and their continuous review within the framework established by this document.

All DAS Audio staff are committed to complying with the quality guidelines and objectives in alignment with the company’s philosophy. This Quality Policy is also publically available at the DAS Audio facilities.

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