30/08/2019 News

DAS Audio with FSC label

DAS Audio only works with FSC certified suppliers, ensuring that the wood within its products has been obtained in a way that respects environmental sustainability

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international certification system for companies which sets standards and best practices that contribute to the sustainable and responsible management of forests. Environmentally, the FSC certification is a guarantee of protection and conservation of the ecosystems and the forests. Socially, it respects the rights of workers, communities and indigenous people and economically, it creates a more equitable distribution of the benefits.

DAS Audio states its commitment to FSC´s global leadership to raise awareness and foster a culture of looking after the forests by complying with the environmental demands of the FSC certification in its corporate policy. For this reason, DAS Audio’s wooden enclosures are manufactured with wood obtained and processed through environmentally sustainable methods since all the company´s suppliers are FSC certified. By doing so, the company can offer their customers a product which protects and sustains the future of the ecosystems, the forests and the planet. DAS Audio focuses not only on developing long-lasting customer relationships, but also on respecting customer´s wishes while showing a strong commitment to the environment.

As a result, acquiring a DAS Audio wooden sound system contributes to the sustainability and protection of the forests so future generations can continue to manufacture and enjoy the sound produced by a wooden enclosure.