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DASnet Rack48


The DASnet™ Rack48 is a power, signal and data distribution system assembled in a rugged 10-unit rack. Is composed of four elements: Distro Racknet of 32A, DASnet™ Patch Powercon, DASnet™ Patch 48 and DAS DSP-4080.

The Distro Racknet is a three-phase power distributor consisting of three-phase input and output connectors, automatic circuit breakers per phase and single-phase output connectors.

The DASnet™ Patch Powercon provides AC power up to 6 connected devices into the system, in a simple and safe way.

The DASnet™ Patch 48 distribution module routes 8 balanced and procesed audio channels and DASnet™ monitoring data up to 8 zones or clusters with powered DAS systems.

Technical Data
Power Distro TypeDistro Racknet, 32 A, 400 V
3 Phase Active LEDS
Protection1 x RCD40A/30mA/4P
6 x MCB 20A/C/1P
ConnectorsAC in: 32A/CEE/400 V/5P
AC Thru: 32A/CEE/400 V/5P
AC Out: 6 x 16A Shuko + aux
Audio in: 4 x Female XLR
Audio Out: 8 x Male XLR
DASnet In: Female XLR
DASnet Out: Male XLR
Ethercon Out x 8
Audio Link x 8
DASnet RS485 in/out
Rack Size10u
Construction9 mm Birch Plywood
100 mm casters with brakes
20 mm high density foam interior
Front and rear covers
Professional grade hardware
Dimensions (H x W x D)70.1×58.2×87.3 cm (w/wheels)
27.6×22.9×34.4 in (w/wheels)
Weight36.5 kg (80.3 lb)
Photo DASnet Rack48

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