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Aero 40A


– Advanced Line Array System ALAS
– Powered, three-way configuration
– Class D power amplifier 1000 W LF + 500 W MF + 500 W HF
– Powerful DSP with Brickwall FIR Filters
– Remote monitoring and control via DASnet™
– One 12″ loudspeaker with neodymium magnetic assembly
– One 8″ loudspeaker with neodymium magnetic assembly
– Twin M-75N Neodymium compression driver with 1.5″ exit
– New SERPIS BPS-2912 high frequency plane wave generator
– IP43 rating

The Aero 40A is a 3-way powered line array system which incorporates connectivity for remote monitoring and control. The unique configuration of the Aero 40A Advanced Line Array System (ALAS™) incorporates a rear-loaded 12” transducer in a bass-horn configuration for low-end reproduction. The mid-range is handled by an new 8” transducer developed specifically for the Aero 40A. High frequency reproduction relies on two D.A.S. M-75N compression drivers attached to a new BPS-2912 waveguide.

The three channel, high efficiency Class D amplifier design is equipped with a switch mode power supply (SMPS) and a comprehensive protection package for both the amplifier as well as the components. Channel one powers the low frequency way, channel two the mid-range with channel three powering the high frequency drivers. The Aero 40A incorporates the latest in digital signal processors. Brick wall FIR filters provide perfect alignment between ways achieving exceptionally uniform coverage all the way down to the crossover point.

Top-of-the-line AD/DA converters have been employed allowing for significant improvements in dynamics, lower distortion and ultra-low noise levels. Remote monitoring and control is provided by way of DASnet™, the audio management application for D.A.S. powered cabinets and processors which offers users instant and intuitive view of the system status as well as control over a range of parameters of a single cabinet or a network of them.

The Aero 40A has been constructed using birch plywood and finished with the ISO-Flex black paint it offers excellent protection and durability. Three individual assemblies comprising the high frequency waveguide, the horn device for the 8” mid-range and the carrier for the 12” woofer are made from injection molded aluminum and attached to the front of the cabinet. A two-piece injected aluminium heat sink housing the amplifier and related electronics is attached to the rear of the cabinet. To provide both strength and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel has been used for the fasteners and major parts of the new rigging system.

Technical Data
Nominal HF Amplifier Power500 W
Nominal MF Amplifier Power500 W
Nominal LF Amplifier Power1000 W
Frequency Range (-10 dB)60 Hz-20 kHz
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m138 db
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB)90º Nominal
Vertical CoverageSplay Dependent
Enclosure MaterialBirch Plywood
Color/FinishBlack/ISO-Flex Paint
ConnectorsInput: Female XLR
XLR Loop Thru: Male XLR
DASnet Input: etherCON
AC Input: powerCON TRUE 1
AC Output: powerCON TRUE 1
AC Requirements6.0 A, 115 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
3.0 A, 230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)31.5 x 101 x 51.8 cm
12.4 x 39.8 x 20.4 in
Weight68 kg (149.6 lb)
Professional Audio Full Line Catalog

Link to online catalog.

Aero 40A catalog

Bilingual, 8 MB

Aero 40A + 115 VAC

DASnet rack 26/48

Aero 40A + 230 VAC

DASnet rack 26/48

Aero 40A + UX-221A - 115 VAC

DASnet rack 26/48

Aero 40A + UX-221A - 230 VAC

DASnet rack 26/48

Aero 40A + UX-218A - 230 VAC

DASnet rack 26/48

Aero 40A + UX-218A - 230 VAC

DASnet rack 99

Aero 40A + UX-221A - 230 VAC

DASnet rack 99

Photo Aero 40A

High Resolution 931 KB

DASnet Splitter User Manual

English, 5.3 MB

DASnet V1.5 User Manual

PDF, 16 MB

Aero 40A User Manual


Aero 40A DASnet Manual

PDF, 30 MB

Aero 40A Rigging Manual

PDF, 1.6 MB

Quick release pin guide

Spanish & English, 5,6 MB

GLL data for Aero 40-20

Data files for EASE Focus V3.0.18, EASE V4.3, 43 MB

DASnet Software V1.7.0

DASnet Installer V1.7.0

DASnet Software


Aero 40A Spec Sheet

English, 976 KB

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