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The 15B 15" loudspeaker uses a 102 mm (4 in) voice coil and was designed as a mid-low frequency transducer for bass applications where a significant extension in mid frequency is needed. Ideal for use in compact reflex enclosures, in two-way systems with 1.5"  or 2" D.A.S. drivers and stage monitoring applications. The 15B is also suitable for horn loaded applications in multiway systems.

Technical Data
AES Power Capacity500 W
Program Power Capacity1000 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m99.5 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Nominal Frequency Range40 Hz - 5 kHz
Voice Coil WindingAluminum
Voice Coil Diameter102 mm (4 in)
Frame MaterialInjected Aluminum

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