Zhengzhou Art Palace China

Renovation at the Zhengzhou Art Palace in Henan, China




In the heart of the city of Zhengzhou, capital of the Henan province in the geographical center of China, is the Zhengzhou Art Palace, which features two theaters, with 1,338 and 186 seats respectively.

The Art Palace recently underwent a major renovation to convert the venue into a versatile, multipurpose theater with a stage lift, a project that included a revamp of the Art Palace’s audio system. 

DAS Audio China were contracted to set up an audio system for the Zhengzhou Art Palace that was powerful yet adaptable enough to meet the venue’s unique sound needs, which range from ballets and dance performances to opera and symphonies by first-class national and international groups. 

A total of two clusters of six AERO-20A line arrays were installed as the main PA using the integrated DASaim™ optimization tool, combined with two LX-118A subwoofers, which were flown in a left/right configuration on either side of the stage for uniform coverage, with the entire system monitored and controlled by the DASnet™ audio management system.

Four ARTEC-526 loudspeakers were installed as front fill for down-in-the-front spectators, while an additional four VANTEC-12A were brought in as stage monitors.

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