Z-Audio at MJF

Different jazz groups performed daily at this ideally-located terrace at MJF


Since the festival's first celebration in 1967, Switzerland's Montreux Jazz Festival has become an essential yearly event for both local and international jazz aficionados. This year, the festival's 45th, Z-Audio Animatec, exclusive distributor for D.A.S. Audio in Switzerland, was the official sound provider for the areas adjacent to the main stages.

Z-Audio Animatec´s Lausanne branch manager, Pierre Everaert, was at the helm for this project. Everaert and his team opted for D.A.S. systems to provide sound for several of the areas alongside the main stages, including many venue terraces and bars, such as the Parc Vernex area, which included one of the most extraordinary spaces, the "Terasse Nestlé" (Nestle Terrace).

Different jazz groups performed daily at this ideally-located terrace, situated right in front of the two main stages and on the shores of Lake Geneva.

This space also had a "permanent" background music installation to set the venue's ambience from its opening time at midday until approximately 6 pm, which included a DJ set. This sound equipment consisted of 8 D.A.S. Variant 25W self-powered line array systems, duly distributed in 4 linear formations, each made up of 2 units, and situated in the corners of the listening area.

To complement these systems and provide low frequency reinforcement, technicians installed a pair of D.A.S. LX-212 subwoofer units. Two D.A.S. Artec 8W with 8" speakers, from the Artec Series, carried out the monitoring tasks for the DJs involved. All the systems were white in colour, making for seamless integration with the well-appointed atmosphere of the space.

Every day, from twilight through the wee hours, different jazz bands performed in this truly cosy atmosphere, on a small stage set up on the terrace. The super-versatile D.A.S. Avant self-powered systems were installed to provide the sound for these live shows, specifically the Avant 15A systems, accompanied by a pair of SM-15A self-powered stage monitors from the D.A.S. Stage Monitors Series.

Without a doubt, the impressive location of this terrace delighted the hundreds of visitors who attended over the course of the festival's two-week duration.

Each day they took in the quality sound provided by D.A.S. systems, which, thanks to Z-Audio Animatec, made the different jazz band performances possible, as well as the ambient music during the Nestlé Terrace's morning sessions.

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