West Side Story Anniversary

More than 100 people were involved in the show's set up


"West Side Story," one of the most famous film musicals and winner of ten Oscars was recently staged at the Pattichion Municipal Amphitheater in Larnaca, Cyprus. D.A.S Audio's line array systems powered the sound for this production which took place from July 2nd -3rd before an audience of more than 3,000 people.

This classic show has only ever been previously staged in London and the cast was flown into Cyprus just for the two days' performances. , ensuring that everything went perfectly. The D.A.S. systems were installed by GSP Perfect Sound Ltd, led by Sotos Georgiou, who is also the director of Fsd Electronics Ltd, D.A.S Audio distributor for Cyprus. "Our main difficulty was providing uniform sound coverage for the entire area," says Sotos. "The Pattichion Amphitheater had real acoustic problems and we overcame them by dividing the whole sound system into four sections; the P.A. for the main area, left and right down fills for the front rows, mono front fills (divided into another three delay areas) for the central section and surround sound."

The P.A. system was made up of six Aero 38A units flown from two towers together with three Aero 182A 2K subwoofers on each side. Two CA-28A units were also installed on each side for downfill, suspended under the Aero 38As using AX-Combo rigging frames. Three pairs of R-115 units handled front fill but the round shape of the amphitheater meant that each pair experienced a different time delay with respect to the main P.A. system so a DSP-26 digital processor was installed to correct this. Altair audio mixers were used for both the P.A. and monitor systems and thirty wireless microphones for the cast completed the whole sound system.

GSP Perfect Sound installed four ST-215 and four ST-218 units from the Sound Touring Series, for surround sound and special effects, together with four stacks of D.A.S. controllers and amplifiers. Sotos affirms, "The key to our success was providing sound coverage across the whole amphitheatre. In fact one of the sound engineers said, 'You only get professional sound like this in one out of five musicals in London." Sotos adds, "The production manager, Ben M. Rogers asked us to take part in the setting up the show because of our previous experience in musicals like Evita, Chicago and Grease. He also said that it was an extremely difficult show in terms of acoustic performance. Many tourists saw the musical and said that it sounded just like a performance at London's West End." The musical's entire production team was delighted to have taken part in the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of West Side Story in Cyprus.

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