Wanting Qu China

Wanting Qu in Harbin, China, with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems




  Vancouver-based, China-born Wanting Qu sings and writes songs in both English and Chinese to bring together East and the West with her singular style of melodic alternative pop. The artist recently took China by storm on her “Say the Words Asian Tour”, a 22-city whirlwind which Wanting Qu kicked off in her hometown of Harbin. Thousands of fans packed the Harbin Sports City Center Stadium to hear their native darling perform live, and superb sound was provided by a range of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems.

When Wanting Qu decided to organize her Asian tour she called in long-time partner S.A.G. (Sound Arts Group) to help ensure the crystal clear sound she knew she needed at all 22 concerts. S.A.G., a sound rental company and post-producer that provides recording and mixing services and a range of first-class audio equipment for concerts and other events, had previously worked with Wanting Qu at the S.A.G. recording studio Jiang BeiShen and Zhang Bo own in Beijing and knew that D.A.S. Audio systems would give the artist precisely the sound she expected to hear.

The packed schedule put the pressure on the S.A.G. sound team, who had limited time to set up between concerts. They also had to design two separate sound configurations, one for Harbin’s large indoor arena and another for the more intimate theater venues on the rest of the tour. The engineers opted to bring in systems from D.A.S. Audio’s catalogue of Aero Series 2 products for the kick-off concert in Harbin, rolling out 24 large-format Aero 50 systems for the FOH. These systems were rigged in two clusters of 12 units per side in a classic left/right set up and were augmented with 16 D.A.S. LX-218C subwoofers, ground stacked under each hang in eight unit blocks.

Side fill duties were assigned to 24 Aero 12A compact line arrays, which were also flown in a left/right configuration. Four D.A.S. Road 15A were set up to ensure top-notch sound for Wanting Qu’s “down-in-front” fans, and D.A.S. DSP-2060A and DSP-4080 monitors handled the management and control of the entire system.

The S.A.G. technicians decided to take 12 of their compact Aero 12As on the road for the remaining concerts on the “Say the Words Asian Tour”, which were held in smaller, more intimate venues. These systems were also rigged in two clusters of six units per side on opposite sides of the stage. A total of six LX-218CA were brought along for the crucial low frequency support, and on stage Wanting Qu had a battery of D.A.S. Road 15A powered monitors at her disposal.

Sound engineer and S.A.G. co-founder Zhang Bo commented on the advantages of deploying the D.A.S. systems for the “Say the Words Asian Tour”: “We have extensive experience with the D.A.S. systems and are fully aware of what they’re capable of in a range of different venues, and they made set up and getting the right sound quite fast and simple for us on this tour.”

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