Vuong blending cultures

The store and showroom located at Bailen Street in Barcelona


It's been a year now since the "Vuong" furniture outlet first opened its doors to display a complete fusion of home furnishing styles direct from India, Indonesia, America and Europe. The store and showroom located at Bailen Street #123 in Barcelona features an ambience sound system installed by "Fidel Color S.A." and comprised by D.A.S. Audio's Factor Series speakers. Yet another example of the numerous possible applications of D.A.S. Audio's equipment, this time in a Spanish commercial facility.

"Fidel Color" decided to use Factor Series' 8T speakers to create a subtle musical ambience that was warm yet able to provide excellent and clear audio intelligibility. The system is powered by an Energy Series E-12 amplifier and mixed through an ACE board manufactured by Dutch company Dateq and distributed in Spain by D.A.S. Audio.

"Vuong" gathers different styles, combined in a unique way to recreate new and old trends that range from the chic and modern to the simple and classic. Original chests and trunks from India, exquisitely detailed lamps and mirrors and plain elegant furnishings are some of the items that can be found in the 400-square-meter commercial facility. "Vuong" offers a virtual voyage to different cultures brought together in an eclectic style with guidance from its serviceable staff, ready to provide personalized decoration project assistance services.

Thanks to their design, the Factor Series speakers, with their black enclosures, have blended seamlessly with the rest of "Vuong's" decorative and practical components. Just as important as the decor and lighting, the placement of the audio equipment has been carefully considered as part of "Vuong's" showroom's design to create a distinctive ambience. Environmental music is essential in any commercial space to provide a peaceful, welcome and comfortable atmosphere for its clients.

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