Viña Rock Festival

D.A.S. Aero Series 2 provided the sound for the Metalika an the Babilonia stages


D.A.S Aero Series 2 systems once again stole the show at the 16th Annual Viña Rock Festival of Native Art, which is celebrated yearly in Villarrobledo, Albacete. This year the festival roster included renowned artists such as Rosendo, Raimundo Amador, Habeas Corpus and Los Delincuentes, among others.

Uncooperative weather did not stop more than 30,000 music fans from attending the Festival's three days of various shows and stages. D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems provided the sound for two of these stages, the Metalika and the Babilonia, which stood up to the weather brilliantly.

As its name implies, the Metalike stage was all about heavy metal music, and a truly impressive arsenal of D.A.S. systems was installed to deliver a sound quality that was nothing short of impressive. The main equipment was comprised of 28 D.A.S. large scale Aero 50 line array systems, set up in linear formations of 14 units on the sides of the stage. Fourteen units of D.A.S. LX-218A self-powered subwoofers were mounted in two seven-unit formations on each side for low frequency support.

Twenty-one additional LX-218A subwoofers were stacked in front of the stage, giving the system enormous "throw." Four Aero 12A systems at the front of the stage ensured coverage for the first few audience rows. For side fill, three line array systems self-powered Aero 12A systems were installed on opposite sides of the stage.

These were accompanied by two units of LX-218A subwoofers. Two Aero 12A systems plus an LX-218A subwoofer took care of the drum fill, while the new D.A.S. Road 12A and 15A monitors were the ideal solution to the different artists that performed on the Metalika stage.

Dedicated to hip-hop music, the Babilonia stage was also outfitted with an impressive system made up of 16 Aero 50 large-format systems set up on the sides of the stage in two linear formations of eight systems each. For the subwoofer reinforcement, 20 self-powered D.A.S. LX-218A systems were stacked and set up around the front of the stage in cardioid configuration.

Four D.A.S. Aero 8A systems were employed for front fill, while two Aero 12A systems and two LX-218A subwoofers took care of side fill. The new Road Series monitors showed off their brilliant qualities on this stage as well: six units of the Road 12A model were used for the different artists and four units of the Road 15A model monitors for the DJs.

This festival was truly a magnificent display of D.A.S. Aero Series 2´s power, dependability and capacity to deliver the best sound quality wherever the job requires it-like a trustworthy workhorse, it never fails "in the trenches." This consistent performance is what gives the biggest sound companies from all over the world the confidence to use these systems again and again in installations for huge concerts and festivals.

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