Viña Rock 2018

DAS Audio is back for yet another year at this hugely popular festival





After years of successful collaboration –DAS Audio has ensured hard-hitting sound for this annual festival since 2012– systems from the Spanish manufacturer were once again called into service to deliver rocking music at the 2018 Viña Rock Native Art Festival. Held in Villarrobledo, Albacete, some 20,000+ festival-goers descended upon the festival’s multiple stages over the three-day event in April to see an extensive line-up of their favorite artists perform live. 

Audiovisual provider and event producer Audioprobe, with technical director Pablo García at the helm, teamed up with DAS Audio engineers Álvaro Plumed and Vicent Olucha to design and install an end-to-end sound solution for the event. Repeating the same “twin” stage configuration as previous years, the sound technicians decided to deploy an army of 46 large-format AERO-50 line arrays at the main Negrita and Poliakov stages. Set up side-by-side, the two stages shared a central formation complete with three linear configurations of the AERO-50s, augmented by 36 UX-221A subwoofers. Twelve AERO-40A line arrays were groundstacked in groups of two in front of the stage to handle front-fill, while 16 DAS AERO-20A paired with 10 LX-218A subwoofers were rolled out for sid-efill. 

The team also decided to install two relay towers to help provide clear, crisp sound throughout the entire audience zone, installing a first line of relay towers behind the FOH, 56 meters from the stage, featuring 16 AERO-40A line arrays. A second set was rigged 120 meters out with 16 AERO-40A and four UX-218A subwoofers in a cardioid configuration. To complete the set-up, the stream of artists that crossed the two stages during the festival also had a battery of 24 self-powered ROAD-12A stage monitors at their service.

DAS Audio systems were also brought in to handle the sound for the Sensi Seeds stage: 32 AERO-40A line arrays were flown in linear hangs on either side of the stage together with 12 UX-221A and 12 UX-218A subwoofer systems. An additional eight AERO-40A were brought in for front-fill, while eight AERO-20A and four LX-218A took care of side-fill. A delay tower behind the FOH was fitted out with 16 AERO-40A, and all AERO-40A, AERO-20A, UX-221A and UX-218A were monitored and controlled by the DASnet™. 

When asked about the features of the DAS Audio systems that made them the perfect choice for the 2018 Viña Rock festival, Audioprobe’s Pablo García focused on two main points: performance and durability. “The sound systems worked at full capacity for several days despite the inclement weather, meeting SPL objectives”, he said. “The systems provided the uniformity and optimal frequency response needed for an event like Viñarock”.

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