Villa Delia

D.A.S. Audio sound systems at Valencia's Villa Delia events center




  The Villa Delia events center – a 19th-century manor house that offers its gardens and newly constructed glass-enclosed space for weddings and other events – has recently been outfitted with a complete D.A.S. Audio professional sound system. This venue in Picaña (Valencia) is the idyllic setting for family celebrations and the Villa Delia home, a spectacular neo-Gothic manor house built in 1829, as well as the former Hort de Plá orange grove have been recently restored by the Barral Navarro family.

The complex is managed and run by local company Áncora Catering, who contracted CenvalMusic to design and install the new sound system. CenvalMusic manager Sebastián Pérez directly supervised the venue’s entire audiovisual installation, including a full D.A.S. sound system to cover the venue’s sound needs. The sound technicians were able to choose from the ample catalogue of D.A.S. Audio products for outdoor installations to best tailor the sound to each of Villa Delia’s unique new spaces.

Pérez and the CenvalMusic team opted to install eight white Artec 508W systems in the new glass-enclosed event room used for indoor celebrations. These new-generation systems from the D.A.S. Artec 500 Series offer top-quality sound and the white version provides minimum visual impact that integrates seamlessly into the well-appointed décor in this spacious indoor event room.

The garden also boasts a grotto and pond, where an area of artificial turf has been set up with room for 500 guests to make it the ideal place for an outdoor celebration. A total of six D.A.S. DR-12A IP54 systems rigged on tripods to adapt to the table arrangement at different events cover the sound for this outdoor space. These systems are designed for outdoor use and comply with IP-54 standards, guaranteeing top performance in adverse weather conditions like high levels of dust or moisture.

Villa Delia’s new outdoor disco, the ideal spot to dance the night away after a delicious meal, was fitted out with D.A.S. Action 215A two-way systems. These Class D and bi-amplified systems with double 15” speakers provide powerful sound quality and cover the needs of the venue’s outdoor disco area, where guests can enjoy crystal-clear music pumped out by D.A.S. Action systems.

Finally, the sound team brought in new weather-resistant D.A.S. WR series systems for the 18th-century English-style garden, complete with a pergola and an area for cocktail parties adjacent to the house. Four WR-8826CXW systems, specifically designed for outdoor installations, were brought in to cover the sound for this outdoor space used as a greeting area for guests and for cocktails. With its gardens and glass-enclosed event room Villa Delia is the perfect backdrop for special celebrations, a unique venue with top-notch sound provided by D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems.

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