Vicarage Road Stadium

D.A.S. systems at Watford's Vicarage Road Stadium


Vicarage Road Stadium in Watford (UK), also known as “The Vic”, is home to the Watford Football Club, contenders in England’s Football League Championship. The team shares their stadium with tenants the Saracens Rugby club, members of the English Aviva Premiership, the top level of domestic rugby union in the country. This all-seater stadium, which currently holds over close to 20,000 spectators, was recently outfitted with a brand-new D.A.S. Audio professional sound system.

The need for a complete overhaul and update of the stadium’s sound system was uncovered after an annual check of the emergency and evacuation sound systems. Watford FC managers and Sennheiser UK, one of the world’s leading electroacoustics companies, determined that a new system, one that would provide sufficient stadium-wide coverage even on the playing field, was required. The challenge would be finding a system powerful enough to provide the coverage needed but with the flexibility and power to handle the various non-sports related events held at the stadium as well.

The renovation project was carried out by Roland Hemming from RH Consulting, who collaborated with Sennheiser UK on the install. To meet the stadium’s sound challenges technicians from Sennheiser UK recommended a cocktail of D.A.S. Audio products from the Reference, Arco and BiDriver series. Specifically, the two-way RF-15.64 and RF-12.64 were used in the three main stands, while The Vic’s lateral stands and hallways were fitted out with the weather-resistant Arco 24 systems combined with the Arco 24’s “T” version, which includes a multi-tap transformer.

The D.A.S. BiDriver Plus, a special applications system, was the sound team’s obvious choice to cover the playing field. These systems integrate a coaxial loudspeaker and are the ideal solution for large areas requiring “long throw” and applications requiring high voice and music reproduction intelligibility. The BiDriver Plus is designed to comply with the IP-54 standards for outdoor use, guaranteeing top performance in outdoor venues.

According to Hemming, “The D.A.S. systems work perfectly in combination with the Lap.gruppen PLM series amplifiers that were used for at the Vicarage Road install. These amps provide the power signal for both the main RF and BiDriver systems and the secondary D.A.S. Arco 24T systems, set at 100 V, used for the stadium’s halls and access points. There’s been significant improvement over the previous system and the D.A.S. systems are a great value.”

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