Veza Sur Miami

DAS Loudspeaker Technology Keeps the Mood Upbeat at Veza Sur





Veza Sur is a Miami-born craft brewery with Latin-American roots. Located in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, this establishment is all about great brews and good vibes; it only makes sense that this unique establishment would want superior sound reinforcement capabilities as well. Veza Sur elected to deploy loudspeakers for both the inside and patio areas, and to ensure the sound quality was everything they wanted it to be, they purchased loudspeaker systems drawn from the WR and Artec Series catalogs of DAS Audio. 

Sound Investment Audio, a premier hospitality AV design / build company with offices across the United States, was contracted to handle the Veza Sur project. Working closely with John Fiorito, East Coast Territory Regional Manager for Sound Investment Audio, the team ultimately assembled a SR system consisting of eight DAS WR-6412FX 2-way passive enclosures, four WR-322SFX bass reflex subwoofers, six ARTEC-308 2-way passive enclosures, and two ARTEC-322S bass reflex subwoofers. Fiorito discussed the project. 

All that separates the inside from the patio area is a glass wall that spans the entire length of the space. On the inside, the Sound Investment Audio team placed the two ARTEC-308 point source enclosures above the glass wall—near the ceiling—angled down to cover the patron area. At each end of the room, the team positioned a single ARTEC-308 on the end walls, angled down and facing into the room. On the opposite wall, there are two additional ARTEC-308 enclosures. These are positioned in the corners at each end of the bar and face down into the patron area. For low frequency support, the two DAS ARTEC-322S subwoofers are positioned up against the ceiling, with one enclosure each at the extreme ends of the room, directly above the ARTEC-308 enclosures. 

On the patio, four DAS WR-6412FX point source loudspeakers are positioned on each side of the area’s retractable awning structure, aimed down onto the patrons. The four WR-322SFX subwoofers are positioned at floor level, stacked two each and positioned in the opposite corners. 

When queried about those attributes that made the DAS WR and ARTEC Series loudspeakers the right combination for this project, Fiorito offered the following comments, “DAS Audio has designed superior weatherproof loudspeakers that work in many applications. The constant directivity, rotatable horn, and short throw speakers deliver great sound quality without disturbing neighbors and provide true clarity. They are also affordable and do not gouge the pocketbook of the venue owner. Further, DAS provides excellent quality mounting hardware.”


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