Variant for Zhara Club

The club secures a prime position on the leisure circuit in the city of Voronezh


Over the years, the extraordinary operational capacity of D.A.S. Audio's poweredarray systems continues to receive excellent reviews from international customers. Both the Aero line array and the Variant line array are particularly well-suited for small and medium sized installations, and continue to demonstrate their high-performance in fixed as well as in mobile installations.

In Russia, for example, D.A.S. distributor "BossMan" opted for the D.A.S. Audio line array on numerous occasions. This time it was the Zhara Club, where the efficiency of the Variant line array was demonstrated. Recently inaugurated this 460 square meter club will secure a prime position on the leisure circuit in the city of Voronezh.

In addition to a dance floor and a bar, it also includes a stage where live music plays an important role.Designed as a multipurpose location, it contains two areas - one for live sound and one for background music. In the first area, two clusters that dominate the stage and cover the entire dance floor have been installed for the P.A. system. Each cluster incorporates six powered Variant 25A line array modules and two Variant 18A subwoofers. The exceptional sound quality of the lightweight and compact Variant systems became evident at the Zhara Club.

Two powered SML-12A systems were installed as stage monitors, affording the performers with vocal clarity and excellent bass response. Three Sub-218G subwoofers were chosen to supply high low frequency sound pressure levels. In the second area, a space designed primarily for background music and mixed drinks, four powered DS-108A systems were installed, along with four Sub-18-A powered subwoofer systems to enhance bass response. To achieve a high quality system for messaging and background music, the halls were equipped with CL-5T and CL-6T ceiling loudspeakers, both fitted with factory-installed line transformers.

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