Variant for Offenbach City Hall

 The city hall of Offenbach is being booked by industrial managers for conventions or conferences


Chris Müller, assistant technical director of the city hall of Offenbach calls the new system in the building a "mobile fixed installation". What is meant by that can easily be seen by taking a look at the wide variety of events on the calendar and the local given circumstances of the city hall of Offenbach. The city hall of Offenbach is being booked by industrial managers for conventions or conferences, and also by touring theatres and liveacts. In addition to that there are different gala events and balls held there for audiences between 1000 and 4000 people depending on the seating arrangements and the type of event.

"Since the old system had been there for quite a while and didn't meet the technical and acoustic requirements that a location of this size has anymore, we were looking for a new solution together with the operating company Stadthallen Veranstaltungs GmbH", says Chris Müller. They quickly realized that the model "mobile fix installation" was the perfect solution for the city hall of Offenbach. "An all-round solution, which meets the requirements of events, concerts and conventions, was discarded right at the beginning. We focused on a system that would be able to supply an optimal voice sound in the first place, but is also suitable for events that have moderate SPL demands. Everything else would have to be accomplished with an extern PA". Due to this, it was soon very clear that a classical fixed installation wouldn't be able to bring the desired success. The new system had to be practically semi-stationary.

With this in mind an active system quickly turned out to be far more suitable for this application. "By eliminating the external ampracks and controllers we saved both valuable time and space for the necessary reconstruction", explains Chris Müller while talking about the advantages of the active technology for this particular application. The Variant powered arrays were the products Müller saw as the best solution.

Originally only the two hangs left and right of the stage were planned, "We reached excellent results while testing it", says Müller about the first listening experiences in his hall. "The test installation only took half an hour, we installed the Variant on our front truss without any measurings or simulations and relied on our ears for dealing with the angles. The difference between the old system and this one was huge and in comparison with the alternative systems, the Variant was just easier to handle and performed better without compromising the acoustic aspects", says Müller.

After the first few events with the Variant the new system was expanded with an additional centerhang with two tops and one additional sub. "It wasn't necessary, but it was an option that made the system complete and that didn't cause any problems in our budget", says Müller.

Text and Photos by Uli Hoppert

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