Variant at Luyfe Rivas School

Under the direction of Felipe Álvarez Fernández who founded the school in 2000


The covered, multipurpose arena has a lateral seating area for over 500 people. Madrid based sound and AV company Cromakey S.L. designed and installed a sound systems comprised of nine D.A.S. Audio Variant 25A compact installation array systems. These have been attached to the lower part of the by way of special supports custom made by Cromakey. Antonio Rufo, Director of Cromakey, points out that "thanks to both the systems versatility and our efforts to adapt them to this pavilion which has always been problematic in terms of sound coverage, our client is very satisfied." The system's design offers high performance and exceptional sound, in an attractive, light-weight, discrete package.

Three clusters, each of them with three Variant 25A powered systems have been installed: two of units face the arena and the other one faces the seating area. The entire system receives signal through two independent channels that allow for level variation depending on the specific needs. Also, each group of three systems receives signal and electric power independently. This allows the venue to be divided into three different sections using dividers that are rolled down from the ceiling, each with its own sound system.

The fourth edition of the Felipe Álvarez Spelling Contest was the latest event where the intelligibility of the Variant 25A systems was crucial. This annual event prompted the decision to install a quality sound system in the pavilion. As Javier Font, Technical Director of Cromakey, S.L. mentions "The school contacted us requesting an installation with clear and speaking enhanced type of sound-equipment that also would adapt to the special characteristics of a sports pavilion. When we tested the installation the school was really impressed and satisfied with the Variant 25A systems."

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