Variant arrives in Malaysia

Syarikat Instraco chose Variant array systems on this occasion


The prestigious Technological University of Malaysia (UTM), situated in the city of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is one of the country's most reputable educational institutions. Recently, D.A.S. array products have been installed in the universities multi-function rooms. D.A.S. Audio distributor for Malaysia, Syarikat Instraco, responsible for both numerous and varied D.A.S sound installations in the country, chose Variant array systems on this occasion, since they provide the unique advantages of a powered array system and are especially designed for small to medium-scale installations.

Four Variant 25A systems were flown on each side of the stage together with two compact Variant 18A subwoofer units which extend the bandwidth of the array to 30 Hz. Variant systems are without a doubt versatile and being entirely powered they are both simple to install and are compact in size.

The Variant 25A units include an aluminium and steel structure which is fixed to the enclosure and incorporates all the rigging accessories needed to join one unit to another. Their ultra-compact design provides high output and exceptional sound in an attractive, light-weight and visually discreet enclosure, making them an ideal choice for P.A. systems at theaters, function rooms, cultural centers or corporate events.

Occupying an area of over 500 square meters and with a seating capacity of 700, the function room offers students endless advantages since it can be used for any type of event including conventions, seminars exhibitions and auxiliary events of average attendance which require a well equipped and functional room. The UTM with a campus in both Kuala Lumpur and Johor has excelled to become Malaysia's premier university in Engineering and Technology, endorsed by the professionalism of its more than 200,000 graduate students.

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