Valencia Conference Center

The Valencia Conference Center updates its audiovisual equipment with D.A.S.





Just days before coming of age with the celebration of its nineteenth anniversary, the Valencia Conference Center, awarded the prize for World’s Best Convention Center in 2010, has invested in giving the building a ground-breaking tech makeover, fitting out the facilities with the most cutting-edge equipment on the market to secure its spot on the shortlist of preferred convention venues.  

Since its opening in 1998, the Center has attracted and hosted over 2,600 events and welcomed more than 1.9 million visitors. Much of the success of the events held here can be traced to the venue’s versatile facilities; however, all facilities require maintenance, renovation, enhancement and modernization to remain a leader at the forefront of the competition.

To that end, the Center has recently revamped its interior space, equipping the building with a revolutionary set of equipment that will secure the venue’s future as a leader on both a national and international scale. The work required to launch and set up this project is part of a global proposal promoted by the City of Valencia and was carried out during 2016 and 2017.

Two national companies, Ruybesa and D.A.S. Audio, headed the audiovisual revamp. The team decided to update the building’s fixed audiovisual equipment, replacing them with new gear, innovations and cutting-edge connectivity to revolutionize the Center’s services into an experience for all five senses.

The main auditorium, which seats 1,480 people, has been equipped with a new electro-acoustic line array system from D.A.S. Audio, which keeps distortions to a minimum while providing extraordinary accuracy at high frequencies: flawless, reliable surround sound is guaranteed.

“The design for the conference center’s sound reinforcement system aimed to achieve the most uniform pressure and frequency response possible throughout the auditorium, correcting the influence of the room’s different architectural elements and optimizing the electro-acoustic response to the ideal response target that adapts to the event, conference, convention, performance or concert”, says D.A.S. Audio sound engineer Alvaro Plumed.

An Event 210A three-way powered line array system was installed to ensure enhanced control of vertical directivity and greater direct sound coverage with a point-source system that guarantees superb sound, even in the last rows of the house. Four Event 218A subwoofers were flown in a single core cluster to eliminate the problem of destructive interference that occurs when rigging L-R subwoofer systems. The cardioid configuration succeeding in reducing the subs’ distortion on stage by more than 9 dBs.


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