UV Postgraduate visit

Postgraduate Students from the University of Valencia visit D.A.S.


Postgraduate students from the “Legal and Business Management of Music” course organized by the University of Valencia through its ADEIT Fundació Universitat Empresa recently made a visit to D.A.S. Audio’s headquarters. D.A.S. has collaborated once again in this unique training program designed for both graduates and professionals. The postgraduate course, which ends in April, has been taught by professors from the University of Valencia as well as artists and renowned music industry professionals since October.

The group began their guided tour in the company’s Engineering Department accompanied by Immaculada Herrera, member of the engineering team. The students learned firsthand about the D.A.S. Audio research, design and development processes. Here the students came into contact with anechoic chamber measurements as well as complete systems, and received explanations on the development of 3D prototypes as well as the complex mechanical design of the rigging systems incorporated into D.A.S. line array elements, in addition to different engineering development processes.

To end the visit the group received a series of lectures given by Inmaculada Herrera that covered everything from line array system theory and configuration to the different measuring and simulation tools used in system aligning, including subwoofer cardioid configuration. These talks were held at the auditorium located at D.A.S. Audio’s installations, where the session was topped off by putting practice into reality with a complete live display of the high-performance D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems.

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