Uruguay Festivals with Aero

More than 80,000 people rocked with the country's most important pop and rock acts


In the last few years D.A.S. Audio has seen a significant growth in Uruguay, and its sound systems have featured in some of the country's largest and most relevant events. A good example of this is the two most important music festivals - namely Punta Rock and Pilsen Rock - which took place in March.

The former was held on March 3rd and 4th in the city of Punta del Este, and more specifically at the runway of Jagüel airport. The event had an audience of some 50,000 people and featured more than 20 national and international live acts including such important artists as Fito Páez, La Vela Puerca, Buitres and No te va Gustar, three of the country's biggest performers. The sound and lighting was provided by "Compañía Uruguaya de Sonido", Uruguay's firm promoter of D.A.S. Audio's line array systems since the early days. The PA system was made up by Aero 38 and ST- 218 systems, a "front fill" and "out fill" assembly consisting of several self-powered Aero 28A and CA215 A line array systems, together with a "delay" system comprised of 16 Aero 28A and 4 CA-215 systems. All this resulted in an overall system that appealed to technicians and attendees alike for its quality and power. As the engineer in charge of the system, Jorge González, said: "D.A.S. systems' versatility and quality allow us to achieve maximum performance at all times, with minimal setup times and with optimum sound".

But it was not just the audience who enjoyed D.A.S. Audio's quality, as the stage was fitted with SML15A self-powered stage monitors, Aero 28 and CA-215 "drumfill" systems as well as a powerful "sidefill" system which was also comprised of Aero 28 and CA215 systems. According to the engineer in charge of the monitor system, Fabián Vázquez,: "The high-performance powered systems plus the consistency of the components is the perfect combination for this kind of festivals where optimum output must be achieved with little time for testing".

But this was not all for D.A.S. Audio and "Compañía Uruguaya de Sonido" this last month of March. After the success at "Punta Rock", the same performance was to be achieved at "Pilsen Rock", Uruguay's most important festival. On its sixth year and with the organisers and producers putting a strong emphasis on new technologies - including high-definition LEDs and a fully HD CCTV and transmission system, the Aero 38 line array system, was a must. in a two-day-long festival featuring over 20 artists. On this occasion too, the sound and monitors was D.A.S. Audio's job, in compliance with the requirements of the most demanding engineers to reach the entire audience with a quality never seen or heard in previous years. "Compañía Uruguaya de Sonido" liaised with partner company "L Audio", which provided part of the PA and delay system. Also worth noting is the fact that, on all the shows, "Compañía Uruguaya de Sonido" always had the unconditional support from "Oidos S.A.", D.A.S. distributor in Uruguay.

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