TT Circuit Assen

TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands gets a new D.A.S. Audio system




  A new D.A.S. Audio sound system was included on the list of recent upgrades made to the Netherland’s historic TT Circuit Assen, which hosts the legendary Dutch TT Motorcycling World Championship each year. Built in 1955, the rack track needed a facelift after decades of use and a new D.A.S. WR (Weather Resistant) series sound system to provide sound coverage for the track’s main grandstand was installed as part of an update of the Assen’s older equipment and facilities.

D.A.S. Audio distributor Iemke Roos Audio B.V., with Bert Koenders leading this project contacted trusted local integrator DIA Light, Sound and Vision to handle the install. The former system, which covered the grandstand located on the track’s main straight, was installed 25 years ago and the DIA technicians gave it a major overhaul, installing a total of 26 D.A.S. WR-8826CX to ensure perfect sound for the spectators in the stands.

The D.A.S. WR (Weather Resistant) series is specifically designed for outdoor installations and complies with IP-54 environmental standards. The WR-8826CX systems are built for covered exposure (CX); these CX versions are protected with a thick Iso-Flex coating on both the exterior and interior surfaces and come with stainless steel fittings and mounting hardware. The stainless-steel perforated protection grids are painted to match the enclosure and are reinforced with waterproof foam to protect the unit from water.

The D.A.S. WR systems are ideal for outdoor installations like the Assen both for aesthetic reasons and for their remarkable power, which provides even sound throughout the grandstand, even at its tallest (16 meters).

After the complete updating of the track’s sound system and other improvements that were made to the facilities TT Circuit Assen is now ready to host the 2014 Dutch GP in late June. The best international drivers in the fastest and most powerful machines will meet in Assen for a race that packs the stands each year, and for the first time spectators with seats in the track’s grandstand will benefit from crystal-clear, top-of-the-line sound from the recently installed D.A.S. Audio systems.

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