Tryvann Festival in Norway

The company 'EHS Teknisk Avdeling' provided the entire infrastructure for the event


Every year, large events are held in Oslo and its surrounding areas for Norwegian students to celebrate the end of their high school studies. The main meeting point is the town of Tryvann, the region's ski resort par excellence, which is located only 20 kilometres from Oslo city centre. Tryvann is renowned for hosting the music festival named after it, as well as for being the most popular meeting point for the Russ, the name given to students who have finished their last year of Videregaende skole and hold massive graduation celebrations during the months of April and May. Students buy a bus (which represents their school), paint it red or blue and rent out the best sound and lighting systems on the market. So many audiovisual systems are needed for these events that many Norwegian companies have to rent out systems in Denmark and Sweden.

This year, Tryvann Festival took place on April 25. The event welcomed around 10,000 people, and included acts by several well-known DJs who are popular in Norway, such as DJ Klaas, Xzibit, Adam Tensta, DJ Antoine and MC Roby Rob. About 35 large buses decked out with sound and lights stationed themselves on a gigantic esplanade spanning an area equivalent to roughly three football pitches. The space surrounding each bus was filled with approximately 40 speakers. It made the perfect advertising space for the market's best known brands, which were out in full force. In total, more than 1,500 speakers and 500 to 600 moving heads were used.

The company 'EHS Teknisk Avdeling', which distributes D.A.S. Audio in Norway, provided the entire infrastructure for the event, from security and fences to towers, lights, etc. The company enjoys an excellent reputation and boasts extensive experience, having started its business in the region back in 1970; it will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2010. Over the years, it has provided sound systems for all kinds of events and club installations in Oslo, which stand out for their original design. Given the amount of equipment needed for this festival, 'EHS Teknisk Avdeling' enlisted the help of the rental company 'Pro Systemer', which provided the D.A.S. systems for this specific event.One of the buses had a total of 20 Aero 38A self-powered line array systems, 10 per side, together with 16 LX-218A powered systems, 8 ground-stacked per side next to 4 Aero 182A 2K subwoofer speakers. The Aero 38A was undoubtedly the best system for this kind of event, as it requires high levels of sound pressure and a precise control of vertical coverage. The LX-218A systems, on the other hand, are ultra powerful subwoofers designed by the D.A.S. to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion. "The D.A.S. systems for this event provided excellent sound; the power of the systems with Aero speakers was incredible. This is Pro Systemer's second project with D.A.S. and they are very satisfied", says Pal Gulbrandsen from the company EHS.

Gulbrandsen pointed out: "The difficulties were mostly in that, as it was an open space with different music on at the same time on different systems, the infrastructure had to perform very well, as there was plenty of competition. It's funny, but you can find the latest in staging, lights and sound technology at this event. You practically leave Frankfurt and see the latest trends from the trade fair already being used at this festival." For the smaller buses, EHS rented a total of 18 DR-115A powered loudspeakers, "Generally speaking, each vehicle had four speakers together with a mixer and a CD player", says Pal.

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