Trivium and Aero 38A

Z-Audio Animatec chose the D.A.S. line array for this emblematic concert hall


As part of Trivium's extensive 2007 tour throughout Europe and the United States, we can stop off at Zurich to review the band's performance which took place in the infamous Rohstofflager concert hall. This trendy venue has a broad concert program and Aero 3A powers the venue. Z-Audio Animatec, D.A.S Audio's distributor in Switzerland, chose the D.A.S. line array for this emblematic concert hall, a spacious venue with a capacity of 1,000 people. Since it's opening the Rohstofflager concert hall has had a continued live performance program which is becoming more ambitious by the day and has an ample line up of international groups.

Concerts are held on any day of the week and the program is open to all music genres although techno music its main protagonist. It houses a 1.5 meter high stage where a total of 12 Aero 38A powered modules have been installed. Six are flown on each side together with six Aero 182 bass units, 3 on each side. The system received great comments from the American group's sound technicians proving once again that the Aero line array system is not only ideal for open air concerts but that it is very effective in closed venues as well.

As mentioned by Jürg Haldemann from Z-Audio Animatic, "The Aero has provided extremely good acoustic coverage during the concerts. The groups' technicians were positively surprised... and impressed by the output, coverage and great sound."

Trivium is a band from Orlando which was formed in 2000. The members of the group chose this name, which means the crossroads of the three schools of learning in Latin; because they liked the way it implied open-mindedness to different styles. The band became popular in the United Kingdom during the Roadrage 2005 UK tour during the summer of the same year and they have gained a good reputation in English magazines. The band is currently on tour in Europe with the group Iron Maiden.

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