D.A.S. Training Program

D.A.S. Audio launches its training program for customers and users




D.A.S. Audio officially launches its training program in October 2017

D.A.S. Audio will offer three different training formats: workshops, webinars and seminars. Participants can register online ( for free. With five offices across the globe, D.A.S. will offer classes in Spanish, English and Portuguese.  

Customers registered on the aero network can even request customized training sessions at their offices. Participants will be able to optimize the sound of their main PAs with the help of detailed content on how to handle D.A.S. hardware and use the company’s software (Ease Focus 3 and DASnet ™).

D.A.S. Audio Technical Support and Training Manager Vicent Olucha, together with colleagues German Rodríguez (Asia), Fernando Nanão (South America), Geo Ortiz (U.S.A.) and Joel Damiano (Europe), will provide outstanding service to D.A.S. customers and users worldwide.


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