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Home to local bands installs new loudspeaker systems


From its dazzling airport and cityscape to a wealth of fashion emporiums along Orchard Road, Singapore sizzles with excitement. Nowhere is this high level of energy more evident than at Timbre @ The Arts House and Timbre Mobile-Timbre @ The Arts House, located at the beautifully restored Old Parliament House and Timbre Mobile, an outdoor venue that periodically re-locates to different park-like surroundings-recently installed new sound systems from D.A.S. Audio.

Timbre's decision to purchase a complete system from D.A.S. was an easy investment decision. The decision to work with D.A.S Audio came about when D.A.S. Audio Asia collaborated with Ublues Group for Beerfest - an annual beer festival that brings the world's best beers and bands down to the grounds of the world's biggest Ferris wheel known as the Singapore Flyer. With international acts like Hell's Belles and Vertical Horizon praising the Aero-38s, Aero-28s, the Ublues Group had no qualms about the sonic performance and build of D.A.S. Audio's products.

For Timbre @ The Arts House, the new D.A.S. sound system includes two Avant 15A 2-way powered loudspeakers augmented by two Avant 18A powered subwoofers. Four additional Avant 12A enclosures are used as stage monitors. Supplemental to the main system, four Arco 24 surface mount, 2-way loudspeakers driven by D.A.S. Audio's PS-200 stereo power amplifier serve as the delay system. A DSP-26 digital signal processor handles loudspeaker management tasks.

At Timbre Mobile, the sound system consists of two D.A.S. Audio Compact 115 powered, 3-way enclosures augmented by one D.A.S. Compact 18 Sub enclosure for low frequency support per side in a left-right configuration. Four D.A.S. Audio Avant 12A powered enclosures handle stage monitoring. Like the setup at Timbre@ The Arts, a D.A.S. Audio DSP-26 digital signal processor handles loudspeaker management tasks.

"The key benefit of using active systems on these installations is the fact that it is considerably easier for the operations manager to power the system on and off," said Koh. "The Avant systems are also very light compared to similar loudspeaker designs by competing manufacturers. Hence, the customer can easily transport them. As Timbre Mobile re-locates periodically and also organizes full-fledged gigs, this trait adds portability to the equation. Further, being primarily self-powered, these systems require less rack space, and this helps Timbre maintain a clean, uncluttered look in their restaurants."

Equipped with their two new sound systems, Danny Loong, Chief Creative Director, Ublues Group Pte Ltd, Singapore, commented on the success they've had. "The D.A.S. systems at both venues have worked very well for us.The equipment has been both reliable and durable, which is essential for an outdoor setting. We are also very happy with the sound quality they produce. These systems have tremendous clarity and a well rounded warmth."

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