Thunderbolt with D.A.S.

D.A.S. Audio helps Thunderbolt Systems deliver the goods



  Thunderbolt Systems of Cincinnati, OH, a firm that specializes in sound reinforcement, lighting, video, radio communications, TV, concert touring, and special events, recently made a substantial investment in their business and to ensure the best audio performance for their clients, they selected loudspeaker systems from Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.

Mike Stuckey is the President of Thunderbolt Systems. Being actively involved in everything from the daily operation of the business to sales and system design, Stuckey knows that without quality sound, there won’t be much business. He also recognizes how critical efficient truck pack, system setup, and tear down are to the success of any event. This is why his firm purchased twenty-four Aero 50 large-format line array enclosures, twenty-four LX-218 high performance subwoofer systems, twelve Aero 12A powered line array elements, sixteen Road 15A powered stage monitors, plus eighteen D-100 power amplifiers. He discussed his recent D.A.S. purchase and the factors that influenced him.

“In today’s market, the ability to deliver high quality sound is only one part of the equation. Ease of rigging the system and learning how to maximize its sound are equally important considerations. When helping us choose the equipment that best meets our requirements, I like that D.A.S. took into consideration the requirements of today’s live sound production and the challenges of delivering high quality sound in today's environments. They understand our business and really help us choose those products that are best suited to the nature of our work.”

Since taking delivery of their new D.A.S. products in August, the equipment was placed into service immediately. According to Thunderbolt Systems Chief Sound engineer Eric Conway, “The system delivered fantastic clarity with great overall sonic representation and response. We experienced a crisp, smooth high end and very solid frequency response. You could walk through the venue and everywhere you went the sound was clear, musical, and had consistent coverage.”

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