Thunder & Lighting in Sweden

Led by Marcelo Cordero, Thunder & Lighting employed Aero systems for Estrella Morente


Estrella Morente was definitely left with a good feeling after her visit to Stockholm. The artist from Granada, landed recently at the "Stockholms Konserthus" after a tour through Amsterdam, London, Miami and New York., offering a recital that certainly dazzled the audience. It´s clear that flamenco is becoming increasingly popular in places as diverse as Scandinavia and English speaking countries like England and the United States.

The Swedish rental company "Thunder & Lightning", led by Marcelo Cordero, provided D.A.S. Aero 38, CA 28, CA 215 and LX 218A line array systems. This wasn't the first time that Marcelo provided sound at the "Stockholms Konserthus", in fact, Estrella Morente´s concert was the last of a long season of performances at this venue. Extremely important for "Thunder & Lightning" the "Stockholms Konserthus" is the main venue for the performances of the most important and internationally renowned artists. Seating 1,776, it is also the venue of the Noble Prizes in medicine, physics, chemistry and literature. The equipment used for this particular concert was the Aero 28 line arrays. Six passive Aero CA-28B line arrays were flown from each side of the room. Control was provided via a Yamaha PM5D and an Avalon 737 microphone for Estrella Morente.

Low frequency support was provided by the LX-218A powered subwoofer systems. Front-fill and delay systems were provided by systems installed in the "Stockholms Konserthus". Morente´s sound technician was extremely pleased with the P.A. equipment, says Marcelo. "He was happy with the equipment´s performance; the entire systems was analysed and tuned with SMAART LIVE".

For his part, Marcelo states that he´s "very pleased and proud to work with D.A.S. tools. The ergonomic advantages, easy transport and quick set up means the equipment is quickly put into operation. To give you an example, we got to the venue at 15:30 and at 17:00 we were performing the sound check for the concert with only three technicians: Robert Navarro, monitor technician, Oscar Tuominen, rigging technician and myself, a sound technician. We must not forget that, of course, our publicity and sales manager, Iván Vergara, was also there".

The backup singers and the flamenco percussion box were placed to the left; to the right were the guitars. Centre stage was Estrella Morente, who was able to wrap the entire audience around her little finger. At "Stockholms Konsertus" it was clear that Morente was born to sing. Just one song - the first - was enough to leave the audience spellbound with the emotion of the performance. Bulerías, seriguillas, boleros, tangos, tarantos and alegrías all formed a strong and natural part of the repertoire, although Morente was also given the opportunity to sing a few traditional songs, like "Volver" and "Nostalgias", and broke out in dance during a few of the songs.

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