The Young Frankenstein Musical

DAS sound for a Broadway musical made in Spain





After electrifying cities around the world, from New York’s Broadway to London’s West End, “Young Frankenstein” by Mel Brooks lands at Madrid’s Teatro de la Luz by Philips Gran Vía. The Spanish version of the musical, “El jovencito Frankenstein”, was created by a technically and artistically renowned team, director Esteve Ferrer, who adapted the work and who also directed “La familia Addams (The Addams family)”, choreographer Montse Colomé and sound designer Javier Isequilla.

The Spanish version maintains the original libretto and choreography, making it a Broadway-style work, with live music, brilliant scores and a multitude of scene changes. The musical comedy features a hand-picked cast that includes Victor Ullate, Marta Ribera and Jordi Vidal.

“El jovencito Frankenstein” producer, Letsgo, knew that the performances had to be flawless for this high-level show, and teamed up with full-service provider Fluge to design an audiovisual solution based on a strong commitment to system quality, ensuring a Broadway-worthy musical spectacular.

A musical of this caliber requires a system capable of reliably and accurately transmitting the purity of the music and voices. Fluge decided to equip the theater with a suite of sound systems from spanish brand DAS Audio, which made its debut in the theater world with the play “Don Juan Tenorio” at the Gran Via.

To guarantee superb sound for “El jovencito Frankenstein”, Fluge made available the DAS Audio’s most avant-garde technology such as Aero, Artec and UX series systems with DASaim™ optimization tool, providing a unique acoustic experience for the audience, with every seat in the house able to enjoy the show’s musical nuances.

“El Jovencito Frankenstein” is guaranteed to thrill audiences and will run at the Teatro de la Luz de Philips Gran Via through May. 

Sound system:

12 DAS Audio AERO-20A
2 DAS Audio LX-118A
2 DAS Audio UX-218A
8 DAS Audio ARTEC-506

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